BACH Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C, Silver Plated

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BACH Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C, Silver Plated

When selecting a Trumpet mouthpiece, a brass instrumentalist should choose one with a solid, compact tone of large volume. A carefully selected Bach Trumpet mouthpiece can help improve a player's embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance. Because no two players have the same lip or tooth formation, what is perfect for one may be entirely unsuitable for the other. Bach produces many different models so that each player can find the best Trumpet mouthpiece for their individual embouchure. Visit your local dealer and try several genuine Bach Trumpet mouthpiece models, all stamped with the Vincent Bach trademark. Trumpet 3C.


  • Cup Depth - Medium
  • Cup Diameter - 16.30mm
  • Rim Shape - Medium wide
  • Fairly large cup. Good for all round use.

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