CHAPMAN ML17 Pro Modern 7 String

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CHAPMAN ML17 Pro Modern 7 String

Welcome to the return and renaissance of a Chapman 7 string powerhouse, the ML17 Pro Modern.

Like its Standard Scale and Baritone stablemates, the new 7-string ML1 Pro Modern was engineered from the ground up. Chapmans primary objective was to fully realize a more ergonomic and refined design. They achieved this in part through the assimilation of requests from the public, alongside tweaks and modifications from Chapmans own hard working R&D team.

Featuring a fully upgraded body contour and carved top, the new Pro Baritone is more comfortable to play than ever, with increased upper fret access, a 26.5-inch scale length, and a stunning contemporary look. It features an all-new, proprietary, carved/four bolt construction utilizing carbon reinforced rods for ultimate stability. The neckhas the feel and access of a set through, but with the practicality of a bolt on!

Action packed full of spec like Stainless steel frets, USA Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient Humbuckers and Hipshottuners, this modern rock machine is the tool you need for the job.


Chapman Guitars know the importance of a good neck profile, so they've ensured that the ML1 Pro Modern gives good neck. The signature C-shaped neck carve combined with rolled Macassar Ebony fretboard edges and a satin finish make this guitar playable whilst also looking the business. As the Roasted Maple neck makes the guitar less vulnerable to warping in changeable environmental conditions, your guitar will stay in great condition for longer.


Chapman’s ML1 Pro Hybrid boasts a lightweight Basswood body that serves as a superbly-balanced tonal foundation for its versatile pickup selection. An ergonomically-contoured lower horn allows for unrestricted access to all 24 frets too!


Great pickups ensure great sound. With a Seymour Duncan Pegasus humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Sentient in the neck position, the tonal breadth of the Chapman ML1 Pro Modern is rich and crisp – making it perfect for all genres.


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