PEARL Uni-Lock Closed Hi-Hat Boom Arm CLH930

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Hi-Hat Stands


To give access to closed hi-hats all around the drum kit, the CLH930 clamps a pair of cymbals with a simple spring-action clamp that allows for quick open/closed adjustment.

The CLH930 Uni-Lock Closed Hi-Hat Boom Arm mounts a pair of cymbals in practically any location around the drum kit.

Useful for standard closed hi-hat cymbals or creative cymbal stacking, its simple spring-action mounting stem allows you to choose the amount of "wash" in your mounted cymbals with an easy turn of the top washer.

Its Uni-Lock tilter gives a nearly limitless option for angle adjustment, while the solid Hideaway Boom Arm allows for positioning as close or as far as your reach requires.


  • CYMBAL CLAMP - Spring-Action
  • BOTTOM HAT CUP - Tilt Adjustable w/Locking Washer
  • TILTER - Uni-Lock Gearless
  • BOOM ARM - Solid 12mm Rod
  • MAIN PIPE - 7/8"
  • BOOM TILTER - Geared w/Hideaway Boom Function

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