TAYLOR 324ce Builders Edition Acoustic Guitar

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Taylor 324ce Builders Edition

Featuring a never-before-used tonewood and a host of player-focused design enhancements, the Builder’s Edition 324ce represents Taylor’s ongoing marriage of innovative acoustic design with forward-thinking strategy toward a more sustainable future.

The star here is Urban Ash™, a tonewood sourced from city trees that have been selected for removal from urban settings due to due to weather or disease damage, public safety concerns, disruptive root systems, and simply reaching the end of their life cycle. Instead of allowing this beautiful, functional wood to end its life cycle in a landfill, we’ve reclaimed it for use in the backs and sides of this 324ce, offering a tonal response similar to high-tier mahogany: dry and woody, with a fundamental-strong response that produces clear notes largely free from ringing overtones. Paired with a mahogany top, this Grand Auditorium produces clear midrange presence and crisp highs over a rich low end that will satisfy strummers and fingerstyle players alike.

300 Series

Taylor's 300 Series has introduced countless players to the pleasures of the all-solid-wood acoustic experience. Players can now choose between two different, equally vibrant wood pairings: sapele back and sides with a spruce top or blackwood back and sides with a mahogany top. Sapele and spruce produce a wonderfully clear and balanced voice. Blackwood and mahogany are similarly clear and focused with pronounced midrange power and warmth, and the hardwood mahogany top creates a natural compression effect that helps even out a lively strumming attack. The addition of our new Grand Pacific body shape, a round-shoulder dreadnought that produces warm, classic acoustic tone with surprising definition and clarity, expands the tonal palette of the 300 Series. Likewise, Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models benefit from the tone-enhancing capabilities of our V-Class bracing, an innovative interior design that produces great volume, longer sustain, and a more musical tone. All models feature satin-finish back and sides; spruce tops sport a rich gloss finish, while the dark-hued mahogany tops display a more vintage look with a shaded edgeburst and satin finish. V-Class models are indicated by a black graphite nut. Other aesthetic details for all models include black binding and our Small Diamonds inlay scheme in Italian acrylic.

Taylor 324ce Builders Edition Acoustic Guitar

Grand Auditorium


Taylor’s signature shape embodies the ultimate all-purpose acoustic.

Tropical Mahogany

Top Woods

The hardwood top produces strong fundamentals with clarity and focus.

Urban Ash

Body Woods

Sourced from city trees in need of removal, Urban Ash produces midrange power and balance comparable to Honduran mahogany.

Expression System® 2


The Expression System® 2 captures more of a guitar’s dynamic properties using a breakthrough behind-the-saddle design.

Beveled Cutaway


A smooth, double-contoured cutaway provides easy access to even the highest frets without changing hand positions.

V-Class Bracing


A revolutionary design that balances the flexibility and stability of the top, V-Class bracing produces unmatched sustain, volume, and intonation.

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