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Welcome to the new era in Synthesizers from the company that brought you the industry-changing DX and the hugely popular Motif.

Building on the legacy of these two iconic keyboards, the Yamaha Montage sets the next milestone for Synthesizers with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity.

If you liked the DX and Motif, get ready to love Montage.

Music in Motion

From the stroke of piano keys to an orchestral crescendo, music always moves. Montage introduces new ways for musicians to control sound and create expression with Motion Control.

Rhythmic Motion

Multi-dimensional motion

Motion based on rhythm

Introduces complex sound changes optimized for multiple parameters

What is Motion Control?

Motion Control puts rhythmic and multidimensional control at the musician's fingertips for sound that moves from radical to sublime.

Motion Controls

Super Knob

Macro control

Motion SEQ

Tempo-synced control sequences

Envelope Follower

Converts audio to control

Motion Control
Conceptual Diagram


Motion Control

Motion Control
Sound Videos

Wax And Wane

DJ Montage

Tektonic Dub

FM Linear Synth

Multi Saw MW DA

Turn It On

Motion Control Synthesis Engine

Unifies and controls two iconic sound engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and subtractive synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure frequency modulation synthesis). These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single MONTAGE Performance.

Interact with MONTAGE Performances using Motion Control: a highly programmable control matrix for creating deep, dynamic and incredibly expressive sound. With Motion Control, you can create new sounds not possible on previous hardware synthesizers.

Super Knob

Create dynamic sound changes from radical to sublime with the Super Knob. The Super Knob can control multiple parameters simultaneously, creating any sound imaginable.

For example, you can change your listening position from the front of an instrument to the back seat of a concert hall, or radically change the character of a performance from atmospheric and mellow to rhythmic and edgy.

The Super Knob can even be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller, which makes it easier to manipulate the sound when playing with both hands.

Motion SEQ

Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, customizable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible new ways of programming sound.

Motion Sequences also have dedicated controls on the front panel making them easy to manipulate in real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression.

Envelope Follower

The Envelope Follower converts audio into a control source for virtually any synthesizer parameter. For example, a drum loop could drive effects parameters for a cool rhythm or a vocal recording could control multiple parameters for a talking synthesizer. The audio can even be a “live” source through the A/D input.


Powered by proprietary Yamaha technology for data compression and sound playback, AWM2 allows tremendous data compression without sound quality loss for unparalleled, realistic sound reproduction. Experience rich stereo sound without having the available number of notes.


An amazingly sophisticated, pure synthesizer engine capable of producing classic '80s or cutting-edge EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power and fidelity. MONTAGE features an 8-operator FM architecture and 128-note polyphony, allowing for a massive array of sound design options.


From high-definition reverb to incredibly detailed Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, MONTAGE is loaded with DSP innovation, power, and most importantly, sound quality. Use effects like Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break or Bit Crusher to get a modern EDM sound. You can even add a compressor with sidechain for a modern ducking effect, or go retro with vintage effects like Analog Delay, VCM Phaser or a variety of Amp Simulators. Piano players will appreciate piano-focused effects like Damper Resonance for a super-realistic piano experience and HD reverb which allows you to put yourself in any performance space.

Pure Analog Circuit

Improves signal quality after being converted to analog from digital for clear, harmonic reproduction and even frequency response. The result is an output capable of reproducing MONTAGE internal content expressively with power and clarity.

Streamlined Workflow

How do you want to integrate the instrument with your system? How do you want to organize the onboard content? How do you want to interact with the instrument while you play? MONTAGE answers these questions and more with a flexible, streamlined workflow.

USB Audio/MIDI Connection

Connect MONTAGE to your computer with a single USB cable and capture every nuance of your creativity into your DAW. MONTAGE boasts a powerful USB driver that can send 16, and receive 3, channels of STEREO 24 bit/44.1 kHz digital audio to and from your computer or iOS device. MONTAGE is also class compliant and does not require any additional hardware.

The USB connection also features full MIDI support of 16 channels.

MONTAGE supports the sampling rate up to 192 kHz.

Seamless Sound Switching (SSS)

Allows for seamless performance changes without any cut-off in envelope or effects. This is perfect for live performances.

* This function is only available for Performances that have a maximum of 8 parts.

A/D Input

Processes external audio sources with your instrument's DSP. Use microphones, guitars or any line source as an input and process it with the internal effects.

You can even use these sources with the Envelope Follower or Sidechain for a truly unique sound.


Organize your performances without copying, changing the order or renaming. When a performance is selected, you can easily register it to a Live Set. This is perfect for playing gigs and creating your own organization scheme.

Direct Control Assignment

Assigns controls with the touch of a button. Simply select a parameter, press the Direct Control Assignment button, and move the controller to control that parameter.

Cubase AI bundle

MONTAGE is bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production application, which offers integrated recording and editing.

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