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5 Gift ideas for the Singer/Songwriter.

Having trouble trying to find a gift for that artistic someone in your life? Well, in our lates blog “5 Gift Ideas for the Singer/Songwriter” we’ve compiled a few ideas that might help you find a present that just doesn’t sit in the cupboard or end up on the curb for hard rubbish collection. We all want to buy a gift that will go to great use so hopefully these next 5 ideas and their explanations will help you out.

Josh Homme Shure BETA 58A Microphone

1. A good Live Microphone

Its more important than ever today to have your own Microphone for live gigs. Now whether that is a gig with a band, or a Tuesday Open Mic Night make sure you use your own microphone, for one it’s just good hygiene and secondly, it’s good to get used to using a mic so you gain some familiarity with its characteristics. Some good Brands are Shure, Rode and Audio-Technica. My Pick would be a Shure Beta 58 or a Rode M1.

2. A Capo

Ok, so the main reason for using a capo is to make it easier to finger chords and to find that sweet spot for your vocal range. There are different capos for different guitars so make sure you get the right one. If you play a classical guitar, you will need a flat capo, and if you play a steel string acoustic you will need a more rounded capo. I would recommend Daddario, Dunlop and Kyser.

Capo used on a guitar neck

Home Recording Singer Songwriter setup

3. Pen, Paper and an Audio Interface

When lightning strikes you need to be ready to get those ideas down. So, make sure you have Pen and Paper ready and then a good 2-Channel Audio Interface so you can get the idea recorded. I recommend one that you can plug a guitar and Mic into and record at the same time. It’s a massive time saver when getting that demo down. Steinberg, Focusrite and Behringer all make affordable Audio Interfaces.

Focusrite Solo Studio Gen 3 USB 2-in/2-out Audio IF Recording Pack

Focusrite Solo Studio Recording Pack $499

3. Busking Amp

Now these are great whether you actually busk or not. The fact that you can plug a Mic and guitar into them make them great for practice at home. Most of the amps on the market today have inbuilt Vocal effects which are great to experiment with. Roland, Laney and Fender all have great options.

Fender Acoustic Junior Go Amplifier

The Fender Acoustic Junior Go Amplifier – Great for camping, busking or just at home! $899

5. Pedal Tuner

And finally the last in our list of 5 Gift Ideas for the Singer/Songwriter this one is a must have! Yes a pedal tuner or chromatic tuner pedal is probably the most important tool you will have as a performer. It allows you to tune your guitar on bypass so its not going through the PA, no one and I mean no one wants to hear you tune your guitar. So if your boyfriend, Brother, Sister, friend, dog, Dad, great Aunty does not have one of these, then this is the best present you could ever give them. D’Addario PW-CT-20 and the Boss TU-3 would be my picks.

Boss TU3S Chromatic Pedal Board Tuner

Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner for Pedal Boards – compact and space saving! $165

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

BOSS TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal $169

If you think there is something here that may suit but need a little more information or help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Musicians can be a picky bunch, so we totally understand if you need a little more clarification before purchasing a gift.

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