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Who are Dowina Guitars?

Article by Tim Coleman

You’ll be forgiven for not having heard of Dowina Guitars before, to be honest neither had I before we started stocking them. In this weeks blog, we’ll explore the history of Dowina. We look at the timbers and body shapes available and check out just some of the models in the current line-up. Colemans Music is now an official Dowina Guitars Australia distributor. To level up your guitar brand knowledge, read on!

Dowina Master Builder Constructing A Guitar

Dowina is a family business that is now based in Bratislava, Slovakia, which began as a violin workshop in Devin. Inspired by the knowhow and the experience of building violins. Dowina transitioned to an acoustic guitar builder and now has a loyal following around the world. Many of whom love both beautiful woods and beautiful sounding guitars. In 2010 the company moved to Devinska Nova Ves, encompassing a production center, warehouse, custom shop and administration.

Finding your perfect match

The Dowina Range is separated into three distinct series, the Antique, the Vintage and the Master Series. At the most affordable end of the spectrum is the Antique Series featuring solid tops but laminated back and sides. The Vintage Series will feature all solid timbers and superior construction. To the player means both a better playing instrument and more clarity in the tone and sound. Master Guitars are top of the line (think Custom Shop) and feature the absolute best woods selected, built by the best luthiers in the Dowina company. They are all individually created with the same construction philosophy that would be applied to a master violin.

Crafting the bracing for the soundboard

Dowina products banner

Dowina product timber highlight

Elegant Timber choices to suit every player

Shiny Padauks, elegant Walnuts, first class Rosewoods, extravagant Ebonies, Granadillo, Macacauba, Cocobolo. If you have a passion for something other than just a mahogany or a rosewood, then Dowina is a guitar brand you should be looking at. For tops the timber of choice is generally the Dolomite Spruce, however cedar is also an option.

Dolomite Spruce comes from the Dolomite ranges in Italy where their Norway spruce trees have been producing top quality resonance wood for cellos, violins and pianos for centuries. Violinmakers since the legendary crafter of stringed instruments Antonio Stradivari in the seventeenth century have praised the wood’s unflawed, compact and uniform density. Only trees grown in optimal conditions and an unchanging mountain climate have the very narrow growth rings needed to produce wood capable of transmitting pure, harmonious sound waves.

Unique body language

Depending on the series of instrument you choose you’ll also notice some familiar and some more unique shapes which seperate these European Instruments from their American cousins. Traditional Dreadnought and Auditorium shapes are given some Euro style with unique cutaway designs and for those wanting a bigger or smaller size body they also do a Bona Vida (small body) and Jumbo (big body).

Want to know more?

These beautiful instruments are now available in store at both our locations. You can also find our more on the Dowina Guitars international website here: Dowina Guitars

Seen a model that interests you that’s not in stock? Get in contact with us!

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