DW Drums - The Drummers Choice Since 1972

by Lucas Travers

Ok so I am not a drummer. I am a Singer/Guitarist whose drummer once showed him how to keep a beat and ever since I’ve been the annoying band member that jumps on the drum kit as soon as there is a break in rehearsal and starts making an absolute racquet.
So, with my Drumming credentials laid out for all to see I will tell you that DW Drums make the best dam drum kits ever..

A quick history of DW Drums….

DW (Drum Workshop) came about in 1972 when Don Lombardi opened a small teaching studio in Santa Monica, California. John Good (Now Vice President of DW Drums) who was a 17-year-old Student at the time started Brainstorming ideas about new drum products with Don and after a short time they started selling lesson books and sticks and employing part time teachers that could take up the slack with the lessons.

Don Lombardi pictured in the middle working on some shells in the early days of DW.

Cut forward a few years later and DW’s first original drum product – a height-adjustable trap-case seat was developed by the pair a few years later and DW went from a music school to a manufacturer. So, in 1977 when Don purchased Camco’s Manufacturing facility DW started making drum pedals as well as other hardware for the ever-expanding drum market. It wasn’t until 1990 that DW started making Drum Kits. That year at the Annual NAMM show they took orders for over 60 Drum Kits that took over 1 ½ years to fulfil.

DW’s first ever product the height adjustable Traps Throne

DW Drums Today

For a long time, DW’s focus was on high-end custom products and cutting-edge design. That all changed a few years ago with the introduction of their mid-level gear brand. This new product line became known as Pacific Drums and Percussion, and since 2002 has been produced in a DW-run factory in Ensenada, Mexico.

This did not deter DW to keep pushing the limits in innovation and design and DW has continued to set the standard in High End Drums.

Exotic Woods

Private reserve woods include Tortoise Shell Sapele Pommele, Moabi, Candy Stripe Padauk, Super Curl Maple or Monkey Pod to name a few are used to create some of the greatest sounding drums you will ever hear.

See more finishes on the DW Facebook page here.

Just some of DW’s amazing finishes

Did someone say …Finishes?

DW Custom Shop finishes are only limited by your imagination; the possibilities are virtually endless. For example, just about any lacquer colour can be bursted or faded over an Exotic wood.

For more finish options visit the DW website here: DW Drums

The Future

So, while DW may have started out making Drum hardware they have come along way to being one of the most sort after Drum kits in the world. Their hardware line is still one of the most trusted and used products in drumming today. The Future looks bright for the drummers out there that choose DW.

See more artist news and information on the DW Instagram page here.

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee was one of DW’s first endorsed Artist