FISHMAN Loudbox Mini with Bluetooth

The FISHMAN Loudbox Mini With Bluetooth is back in Stock at our Melbourne CBD store. So lets check it out. 

There's an abundance of choices when it comes to portable acoustic setups, and the Fishman Loudbox Mini stands out by hitting the sweet spot of being lightweight and compact without sacrificing power, features, or, most importantly, tone!

With 60 watts of power and two channels, this amp boasts Fishman's renowned Preamp and Tone control designs. It also packs in Digital Reverb, Two Stage Chorus effects, and a Phase switch to combat feedback. Not to mention the added convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly stream backing tracks or music to the unit which is a very convenient feature on this amp. 

The Instrument channel accommodates both active and passive pickups with its ¼ inch input jack, while offering Reverb, Chorus, a 3 Band EQ, and a Phase switch. Meanwhile, the Microphone channel boasts an XLR input for Dynamic Mics, along with a two-band EQ and Reverb. On the back, you'll find ¼ and 1/8 inch Aux inputs, as well as a balanced XLR D.I Output, offering versatile connectivity options.

What's more, the Microphone channel can be employed in various ways—whether for vocals, miking up another instrument, or blending a miked acoustic sound with the instrument input for added depth.

The Perfect accessory for the Fishman Loudbox Mini is the XTREME AM203 Amp Stand in black. It keeps your Amp safely off the floor and helps provide more projection for your performance. 


Despite its small size, this unit packs a punch, thanks to its tilt-back design that directs the sound upwards from its 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch soft dome tweeter. The Reverb and Chorus effects add a lush quality to the sound without detracting from the natural richness of your instrument's tone.
Visually, the FISHMAN Loudbox Mini exudes sophistication with its sleek layout and Brown and Cream finish. It feels sturdy and well-built, making it perfect for busking or for Cafe style gigs without taking up too much space. 

Get into Colemans Music today to check this fantastic versatile Acoustic amp out or buy online with fast shipping to your door. 

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