In the heart of Melbourne, at Colemans Music, a new home has opened its doors for Victory Guitar Amps. Originating from England, Victory Amplifiers boast a proud lineage, meticulously designed and constructed by a dedicated team of engineers and craftspeople.

Pictured: VICTORY VX100 The Super Kraken Head

Simplicity, flexibility, and uncompromising tone define Victory's ethos. Their mission is straightforward: to craft amplifiers that not only elevate your playing but also stand the test of time.

Under the guidance of renowned designer Martin Kidd, Victory embraces a modern-boutique approach to design and specification. Combining hand-wired tag boards for maximum tonal benefits with printed circuit boards where practicality prevails, they ensure excellence in every detail. From custom-designed transformers to top-notch components, every element is chosen with precision.

Pictured: VICTORY The Deputy Compact Head

Victory Amps offer remarkable value for money. By eschewing third-party distribution channels and shipping directly from their manufacturing facility to dealers, they maintain competitive prices without compromising quality or performance.

Pictured: VICTORY V40 The Duchess Deluxe Head

But the true testament lies in experiencing Victory's amplifiers firsthand. Visit us at Colemans Music today in Melbournes CBD and let the amps themselves speak volumes about their craftsmanship and sonic prowess.

We also have a great range of Speaker Cabinets as well. 

The VICTORY speaker cabinets are crafted by hand in England, utilizing redwood pine for the top and sides, and Baltic birch ply for the backs and baffles. The speaker baffles are intentionally angled back by 2-3 degrees, enhancing projection towards the listener during playback. They boast a finish of black bronco vinyl (cream for the V112C and V212VC models) paired with vintage black woven grille cloth, ensuring both visual and tonal harmony with Victory amplifier heads.

The 112 Speaker Cabs, 212 Speaker Cabs and 412 Speaker Cabs are in Stock NOW. 

 Feel free to call us on 03 96545115 or call in to Colemans Music in Melbournes CBD for more information on Victory Amps today.