EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Hizumitas – Fuzz Sustainar

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Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar

The Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas was designed for the one and only guitar sorceress, Wata, from the legendary band, Boris! Wata is iconic legend known for her crushing riffs and mind-melting leads. This pedal is a faithful sonic recreation of her go-to distortion which has been a staple of her tone for many years: the Elk BM Sustainar.


The Elk Sustainar is a Japanese variant of the more well-known “Triangle” BMP. Development used several vintage models of the BMP, as well as a few different versions of the Elk. The Earthquaker Devices team quickly realized all of them were wildly different. Wata was kind enough to send her beloved pedal halfway across the world so they could see what made it tick. Wata's original pedal has a heavy saturation with a gritty edge and a massive bottom. It still has a clear and dynamic tone with enough mids and top end to cut through the sludge.

This is the Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz...


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