PRESONUS ERIS E5BT Bluetooth Monitors - Pair

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PRESONUS  ERIS E5BT Bluetooth Monitors 

If you’re interested in the best music and media listening experience PreSonus can provide, look no further than Eris® E5 BT. With 50 watts of Class-D power for each speaker, they offer all the volume you want without ever sacrificing tonal balance or sonic clarity. Add the latest Bluetooth wireless technology and both balanced and unbalanced inputs, and you’ve got a remarkably versatile set of speakers, great for both music fans and creators—and everyone in-between.

Sonic honesty; studio quality.

Thanks in part to woven glass composite woofers, silk-dome tweeters and a smooth, balanced sound, the award-winning Eris studio monitors are used by professional, hit-making audio engineers the world over.

Eris E5 BTs are built using the same technologies — so unlike other home audio speakers that hype the bass frequency at the expense of others, Eris speakers provide an even response throughout the frequency range — from bass to treble. This means you’ll hear your favorite music exactly as artists and engineers intend it to be heard. High and Low Acoustic Tuning controls let you dial in the E5 BTs precisely to your environment to further ensure the best sound possible

Connect to nearly anything.

Eris E5 BT offers versatile connectivity, so it’s easy to connect to your audio interface, gaming system, computer, or Bluetooth-compatible media player. You get ¼” TRS balanced inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs—plus the latest Bluetooth tech to ensure maximum wireless audio quality. A front-mounted headphone jack allows for listening in private, and an Aux In connection lets you connect your non-Bluetooth audio devices. Unique to the Eris line, the E5 BT offers a ¼” TRS Sub Out for adding a subwoofer; we recommend the Eris Sub8.


  • Eris-series speakers have over 12,000 5-star reviews.
    The only true studio monitor for multimedia, gaming, watching movies, or producing your next hit.
  • 100W of Class D power.
    50 watts of Class-D power for each speaker provides all the volume you want without ever sacrificing tonal balance or audio clarity
  • Big low end, compact size.
    5.25-inch woven composite drivers product a more powerful bass response accurately and smoothly.
  • Natural high-frequency response.
    1-inch (25 mm) ultra-low mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducers provide a wide sweet spot for superior stereo imaging
  • All the connections you need.
    ¼” TRS balanced inputs for professional audio devices, unbalanced RCA inputs for consumer electronics, plus a convenient front-panel ⅛” TRS stereo input.
  • Customizable for your ears and your room.
    High and Low Acoustic Tuning controls let you fine-tune the Eris E5 BTs precisely to your environment to further ensure the best sound possible.
  • Built-in headphone amp.
    Listen in private without rewiring your electronics using the easy-access front-panel headphone amp.
  • More bass when you need it.
    Add a subwoofer quickly and easily with the balanced sub output.
  • Start recording your own hits.
    Studio One Prime recording software and Studio Magic suite provides $1000 USD worth effects plug-ins, virtual instruments, and more for your music productions.

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