Taylor Guitar Slide Ebony Small 11/16"

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Taylor's Crelicam Ebony Guitar Slides is a passion project that let's the consumer participate in supporting the hardworking families of Crelicam, a West African Ebony Mill owned and responsibly managed by the good people at Taylor Guitars, while at the same time bringing home an incredible and unique guitar slide. This ebony slide is extremely lightweight which lends itself to a simple playability whether you're a novice or seasoned pro. The softer wood allows a lighter touch which dampens the bright and often time shrill highs of a brass slide. Producing a warm smooth tone, which translates across a wide array of musical genres from ambient and world all the way to blues and country. A must have for any slide player looking to expand on tone and creative possibility.


  • Handcrafted Light Weight Ebony Slide
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Warm Smooth Tone
  • Excellent Inside Grip
  • Size: Small (11/16")

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