YAMAHA P145B Portable Digital Piano - Black

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YAMAHA P-145B Portable Digital Piano - Black

Yamaha’s P Series digital pianos are loved by piano players around the world who want the comfortable feel of an acoustic piano in an instrument with a more manageable size and weight. The P-145 offers the minimal number of features in the P Series, focusing on offering a highly playable and authentic experience thanks to its simple design and ease of operations.


Compared to their predecessors, the all-new P-145 features a much shorter and thinner body design with a simple yet more modern and compact style. Our newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key keyboard is built to uncompromising standards and offers the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing feel as the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys used in previous models in the P Series.

 We recommend this model for:

  • Beginners with a real desire to start playing the piano, who are unsure of what instrument to select
  • Players who are looking for a weighted keyboard that feels like an acoustic piano
  • People who want a piano in their house but don’t have much space for it

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Yamaha P-145B FAQs

What is the Yamaha P145B digital piano?

Are you in the market for a high-quality digital piano that offers the feel and sound of a traditional acoustic piano? Look no further than the Yamaha P-145B. Packed with advanced features and designed with a stylish and compact body, the P-145B is the perfect musical companion for both beginners and experienced musicians.

One of the standout features of the Yamaha P-145B is its realistic and responsive 88-key weighted keyboard. This means that every touch and keystroke you make will be accurately translated into rich and expressive piano tones. Whether you're a beginner who is just starting their musical journey - or an advanced piano player who demands uncompromising standards, the P-145B's keyboard will meet your every expectation.

In addition to its exceptional playability, the Yamaha P-145B also offers a range of other features that enhance its performance. The P-145B comes equipped with the Intelligent Acoustic Control feature, which automatically adjusts the instrument's tone and volume based on your playing style. This ensures that you always have a well-balanced sound no matter how soft or hard you play.

The P-145B also boasts a damper resonance function, which replicates the sound of a traditional acoustic piano's strings sympathetically vibrating. This adds depth and richness to your piano sound, creating a fuller and more resonant tone. 

For those who prefer to practice in private, the P-145B includes headphone outputs, allowing you to connect your headphones for a truly immersive playing experience. Additionally, the P-145B features USB to Host and USB to Device connectivity, enabling you to connect the piano to your smart device or computer for seamless integration with digital piano apps and easy recording capabilities.

The Yamaha P-145B is not only a powerhouse in terms of performance and features but also excels in terms of design. Its compact and thinner body design makes it a portable and manageable size, perfect for musicians on the go. The P-145B also includes a keyboard cover to protect it from dust and damage when not in use.

In conclusion, the Yamaha P-145B digital piano is a top-of-the-line musical instrument that offers a perfect balance of advanced features, stunning design, and exceptional sound quality. Whether you're a beginner embarking on your musical journey or an experienced player looking for an upgrade, the P-145B will surely exceed your expectations.

Is the Yamaha P145B good for beginners and students?

The Yamaha P-145B is an excellent choice for beginners and students looking to embark on their musical journey. With its realistic and responsive 88-key weighted keyboard, beginners can develop proper finger technique and get a true feel for playing a traditional piano. The weighted keys replicate the feel of an acoustic piano, making the transition to a real piano seamless.

One of the advantages of the P-145B for beginners is its ease of use. The control interface is straightforward and intuitive, allowing beginners to navigate through its features and functions with ease. This makes learning and adjusting settings a breeze, allowing beginners to focus on their playing and not get overwhelmed by complicated controls.

The P-145B also offers a range of features that can aid beginners in their learning process. The included learning function provides built-in songs and a metronome to help beginners practice timing and improve their playing skills. This feature is especially helpful for students who are just starting and want to practice independently.

Another benefit for beginners and students is the USB to Host connectivity of the P-145B. This allows them to connect the piano to their smart device or computer and access digital piano apps that can enhance their learning experience. These apps provide tutorials, sheet music, and practice exercises, making it easier for beginners and students to progress and stay motivated.

Furthermore, the compact and portable design of the P-145B makes it ideal for students who need to transport their instrument between home and school or private lessons. Its manageable size and lighter weight allow students to easily carry it without any hassle.

Overall, the Yamaha P-145B is a fantastic choice for beginners and students. Its realistic keyboard, ease of use, and additional features make it a versatile instrument that can assist in the learning process. Whether you're just starting your musical journey or a student looking for a reliable and portable piano, the P-145B is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Is the Yamaha P145B digital piano good value?

When it comes to finding the perfect digital piano, affordability and value are always key considerations. The Yamaha P-145B digital piano is a great option for those looking for a high-quality instrument at a reasonable price.

One of the standout features of the P-145B is its impressive sound quality. With Yamaha's renowned expertise in sound engineering, this digital piano delivers a rich, expressive tone that closely emulates that of an acoustic piano. The 88-key weighted keyboard ensures a realistic playing experience, allowing for nuanced control over every note.

In terms of functionality, the P-145B offers a range of features that enhance the overall playing experience. With the inclusion of a damper resonance function, the piano produces a fuller, more resonant sound, adding depth and richness to your performances. The intelligent acoustic control adjusts the sound according to the volume setting, ensuring a well-balanced sound across all dynamics.

Aside from its exceptional sound, the P-145B also boasts a stylish and compact design. Its thinner body and manageable size make it easy to fit into any living space, without compromising on the quality of its sound. The keyboard cover not only protects the instrument from dust but also adds a touch of elegance to its appearance.

When it comes to connectivity, the P-145B offers various options to suit different needs. The USB to host feature allows you to connect the piano to your smart device or computer, opening up a world of possibilities. You can access digital piano apps, practice tutorials, and even record your performances for playback or sharing with others.

In terms of value for money, the Yamaha P-145B offers an impressive range of features and high-quality sound at a price point that won't break the bank. Beginners and advanced piano players alike will appreciate its ease of use, brilliant sound quality, and sleek design.

Does the Yamaha P145B digital piano have any problems?

The Yamaha P-145B digital piano is a highly regarded instrument known for its exceptional sound quality and impressive features. However, like any product, it is essential to consider if there are any potential problems before making a purchase decision.

One common concern among users is the reliability of the damper pedal. Some users have reported that the pedal may become less responsive or stop working altogether after extended use. While this issue may be frustrating, it is worth noting that it is not a widespread problem and can often be resolved with a simple adjustment or replacement.

Another potential issue relates to the digital piano app compatibility. Some users have experienced difficulties connecting their smart devices to the P-145B, limiting their ability to access additional features and resources. However, it is important to mention that Yamaha continuously updates its app and firmware to address compatibility issues, so it is always recommended to check for the latest updates before assuming there is a problem.

Lastly, a few users have mentioned that the P-145B's control interface could be more intuitive. While the piano offers a wide range of features and options, navigating through the menu and adjusting settings may require some time to get accustomed to. However, with regular practice and familiarisation, most users find that operating the piano becomes more comfortable and second nature.

In summary, while the Yamaha P-145B digital piano is highly praised for its impressive sound quality and features, it is essential to consider a few potential issues. These include the reliability of the damper pedal, digital piano app compatibility, and the learning curve of the control interface. However, it is worth noting that these problems are relatively minor and can be overcome with some troubleshooting or practice. Overall, the Yamaha P-145B remains an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced piano players looking for a high-quality digital piano.

Where can I buy a Yamaha P145B digital piano?

If you're in Melbourne CBD or Lynbrook, you can find the Yamaha P-145B digital piano at Coleman's Music Stores. With our brick-and-mortar locations, you can visit the store and personally check out the piano before making a purchase. Additionally, Coleman's Music Stores also offer online purchasing options, allowing you to buy the Yamaha P-145B from anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, and more.

Just get in touch with the Coleman's Music store in Melbourne CBD or give us a call on (03) 9654 5115 with any questions, we’re always happy to help!

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