5 People Who Should Learn to Play Guitar

There are plenty of reasons why playing guitar is a good idea.

Sure, there are social benefits like uniting others and making new friends through the power of music. But learning how to navigate the guitar also offers many mental and physical benefits.

So to get started (or get someone else started) on a guitar journey, what better was than with the gift of a Fender Play 6- or 12-month prepaid subscription card? As the holiday season closes in, here are five people who need a Fender Play subscription card:

1. The Kid Who Is Always on Their Mobile Device

Get your children on the right device – the guitar.

During practice sessions, kids not only build their musical chops, they also learn how to become good multitaskers. They have to work on creating correct chord shapes while concentrating on fretting correctly, reading ahead for upcoming notes, keeping time and listening to the sounds being made. Think of how learning those multi-tasking skills can be applied in their future scholastic and professional endeavors.

2. The Teen Who Is Always Playing Air Guitar

If you’re a 15-year-old that finds themselves constantly jamming out to the latest Shawn Mendes or Foo Fighters single in the mirror, take things to the next level by actually playing it. Fender Play is loaded with hundreds of songs for both acoustic and electric guitar in genres like pop, rock and country that you can easily learn, with more being added all the time.

What’s more, you’ll be able to impress your friends and be the life of the party when you’re able to start a singalong to “Everlong” or another crowd favorite with your new six-string friend.

3. The Parent Who Wants to Bond with Their Son or Daughter

Learning how to play the guitar doesn’t have to be a solo undertaking. It can be a new hobby to participate in alongside a partner.

Parents and kids can set their own profiles, track each other’s’ progress and compete to see who can improve faster. And with lessons on both lead and rhythm technique, each session is one step closer to finally starting that family band.

4. The Budding Musician Who Needs Structure

There is an infinite amount of free online guitar lessons floating in the ether, but they can often be disjointed in what and how the lessons are taught. Oftentimes, they are also shot with low-quality video with bad angles (who wants to see a cat walking across a bookshelf when the instructor is showing you an F chord?).

Fender Play boasts an organized curriculum that ensures you are not shuffled between different instructors and ways of teaching. In addition, each lesson is shot in professional 4K video with multiple cameras to show the whole picture without missing a beat.

5. The Aspiring Player Whose Guitar Is Collecting Dust

If you’ve had a guitar for years but haven’t mustered the courage – or patience – to finally pick it up, Fender Play is just the thing to motivate you to take the plunge.

The program’s micro-learning method breaks things up into bite-sized tutorials that will keep new and returning players consistently engaged by allowing the user to master chords, riffs and songs in minutes.

Do you think a Fender Play 6- or 12-month gift card is right for you, a friend of a family member? For a free 30-day trial to Fender Play, click here


Article credit: Mike Duffy (via fender.com)

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