Acoustic Guitars under $1000 for the Holiday Season

Colemans Music offering quality Acoustic guitars under $1000, featuring reputable brands like Fender, Yamaha, Alvarez, Cordoba, Sigma, and Guild, presents an excellent opportunity for Christmas shoppers.

Variety of Brands:The presence of well-known brands signifies a diverse range of options catering to different playing styles, preferences, and skill levels. Fender, Yamaha, Alvarez, Cordoba, Sigma, and Guild each have their unique characteristics, attracting various guitar enthusiasts.

Affordable Range: Starting from $115, these guitars present an attractive price point for holiday shoppers. The under $1000 range provides affordability without compromising on quality, making them an excellent gift option for both beginners and intermediate players. Our range of Acoustic Guitars includes Classical, Classical Electric, Acoustic, Acoustic/Electric in many different shapes and sizes. 

Quality Assurance: Despite the lower price point, these guitars maintain quality standards associated with renowned brands. Shoppers can expect solid construction, good tone woods, reliable hardware, and overall craftsmanship that aligns with these brand's reputation. 

Guitar Strings Its also a great idea to purchase an extra set of Guitars stings for your new purchase, there is nothing wordse than breaking a string on your new guitar and not having a spare set lying around. If your not sure which set is right for your guitar just give our Coleman's Music Melbourne CBD team a call on (03) 9654 5115 and we can help find the right strings for you. 

Ideal Christmas Gifts: With Christmas being a time for gift-giving, guitars are a thoughtful and exciting present. They cater to musicians or aspiring players, encouraging creativity, learning, and enjoyment of music.Assorted Features: The guitars likely offer various features such as different body shapes, tonewoods, electronics (for some models), and finishes. This variety allows customers to find guitars that suit their specific needs and preferences.
Guitar Packs: Colemans Music offers a variety of Guitar packs that make a great Christmas gift. Fender, Yamaha and Valencia packs are currently in stock but are starting to sell very quickly. So dont miss out. 

In-store or Online Shopping: No matter how you would like to shop this Christmas Colemans Music has you covered with our amazing showroom in the heart of the Melbourne CBD or shopping online on our extensive website and have your gift shipped to your door. 

Guitar Stands  Now that you have your new guitar, you are going to need somewhere to put it. The beast way to keep your guitar safe and sound is keeping it on a stand, it aslo makes you want to pick it up and play it more often. If your not sure which Guitar stand you need just give our Coleman's Music Melbourne CBD team a call on (03) 9654 5115 and we can help find the right Guitar Stand for you. 

Customer Support and Services: At Colemans Music our goal is to provide excellent customer service, including assistance with choosing the right guitar, after-sales support, warranties, and guidance for beginners.

Colemans Music's collection of quality acoustic guitars under $1000, featuring respected brands, provides a wide array of options suitable for holiday shoppers seeking musical gifts at reasonable prices. Call in to our CBD store or shop online today.