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Why to buy your first guitar in-store

Article by Tim Coleman

Choosing a guitar to learn on isn’t as difficult as you might think, but buying a guitar in-store can definitely help make certain you get one that is going to be the right on for you!

I know. It’s terrifying. The Rockstar guitar player is going to make me feel like an idiot when I go in and ask him about the $129 guitar I’ve seen online that I think I should buy to get started. Rockstar guitar salesperson is gonna shred something on the guitar and then hand it to me and stare at me while waiting to see me play. It’s going to be embarrassing and I’ll run from the store feeling judged and inadequate.

Believe it or not, not all music store employees look like this guy!

Seriously? I don’t believe that actually happens in any guitar stores… well maybe not since the 1990’s. Firstly we don’t all have long hair and leather jackets. We don’t take notes about how bad people play (yes we are impressed when someone plays amazing). We aren’t all virtuosos and I can tell you even those who are still want to welcome you to the fraternity. Don’t believe what you’ve seen on “Wayne’s World”, we actually love “Stairway to Heaven”.

We sometimes wished more people would play Stairway To Heaven!

Shop instore for the best advice!

So now thats all cleared up let’s get to my first point. ADVICE! We are here to help you make the right decision. Getting the right advice at the start means that you can concentrate on playing and learning. That means getting a guitar in your hands that is going to make you want to play. That means making sure we help you get an instrument that works properly. A guitar that stays in tune, that is easy to play and isn’t going to fall apart on you after two weeks.

Most guitar sales people are guitar players at some level, so they have been where you are. Your guitar playing friend is good to get some advice from and great company when visiting a store, but if you don’t have one of these friends (and even if you do), you should know that your local guitar store is genuinely going to try and help you. Bricks and Mortar stores need you to come back in the future, so we want to set you up to succeed! We are also here everyday and able to help with advice on playing, servicing, accessories, lessons and more. So don’t be afraid to chat!

Choosing the right guitar can be overwhelming!

What to consider when buying a guitar.

Our most popular beginner acoustic pack , the legendary Yamaha Gigmaker 310

Buying a guitar is a tactile experience. Sure they look amazing and the Instagram feeds of music stores are full of beautiful Gibson’s, Fender’s and Taylor Guitars but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Our most popular beginner acoustic guitar (The Yamaha Gigmaker310) is actually fairly big bodied and I commonly need to recommend that new players sit and try and play it (even just pretend) so they can see how comfortable its going to be. If it’s too big to get your arm around then how will you play it? The feel of the neck of the guitar and getting your arm around the instrument are going to be very important when you start practicing for 1-2 hours each day!

Consider sound when buying a guitar.

Playing guitar is also about the sound. Electric Guitar, Steel String Acoustic or Nylon String? Price may be the factor here that makes you choose one over the other, but more often it’s about the sound of the instrument. Someone wanting a warm mellow tone may lean towards a nylon. A Pink Floyd fan might want a steel string. Little metal heads will definitely want a pointy black electric guitar with a Marshall amplifier. So which one is you and how can you really tell by that picture on the website?

Each brand has its own sound and to hear that in person allows you to choose the guitar that YOU want to play and hear. While your home computer, mobile phone speaker or headphones might be fine, they will never compare to hearing the sound in person.

Welcome to the club!

Our CBD store located in the heart of Melbourne on Elizabeth St. Click here or on image for contact details.

If playing the guitar means joining the fraternity, then music stores are the club houses. Music stores are a little community hub for players of all levels and this word COMMUNITY is a great reason to buy instore. Getting to know the staff, chatting about tone, meeting and seeing other players, being inspired by the latest gear.. drooling over the latest toys. It’s all part of being a guitarist and its damn fun! So visit your local music store

Visit every music store in your state. There’s so much gear to see and try. Fender and Yamaha may be the biggest, but they aren’t the only brands so when you need your next piece of equipment, go into your local and try the one you think is right and then ask about what else may work for you.

Our flagship store at Lynbrook. Click here or on the image for contact details.

We hope we can help you choose your first guitar at a Colemans Music store soon!

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