FENECH VTH Grand Auditorium Cutaway in Camphor

If you walk into our Melbourne CBD store and see the FENECH VTH Grand Auditorium Cutaway in Camphor, I'm sure you will agree that this is a stunning guitar. 

So, what do we know about Camphor as a Tonewood? 

Aaron Fenech is known for his efforts to promote the use of Camphor Laurel in guitar-making in Australia. More than a decade ago, he was among the first to experiment with this unique tonewood while striving to build guitars predominantly using Australian-grown Tonewoods. With his scientific background, Aaron was able to apply various voicing techniques to fine-tune the use of Camphor Laurel. He experimented with variables such as density, mass, specific colour selection, and bracing techniques to refine the wood's best musical tone. After ten years of building guitars using Camphor Laurel, Aaron Fenech and his team are experts in its use for making the best guitars from this unique tonewood. 

Camphor laurel was brought to Australia from Asia in 1822 as a garden ornamental. However, it is now considered a destructive tree as it replaces native vegetation. Despite this, it's used extensively among fine furniture makers for its attractive grain, workability, and stability. It's also a great tonewood, although it has yet to be widely known. Best of all, by using Camphor Laurel as a tonewood, we are helping to restore our native vegetation one guitar at a time!

So what Players does the Camphor Suit? 

Camphor Laurel, a tonal gem, is an excellent choice for both strummers and flat pickers. The wood delivers a crisp, warm mid-range sound with a slight bass leaning. But what truly sets it apart is its unique and striking visual features. Each back and side set boasts bold colour variations, making it an ideal option for musicians who want something a little more distinctive, a guitar that truly stands out.

The Grand Auditorium Size

Fenech's unique Grand Auditorium size guitar, a testament to innovation and passion, features the same sweeter and more modern blend of curves as their Auditorium guitar but with a slightly larger footprint. This unlocks even greater tonal possibilities across the series, inviting musicians to explore and create. Meticulously voiced, these guitars have gained a reputation for a balanced blend of warmth, clarity and sustain, producing a bold bass response with a well-defined midrange. It's an everything guitar for the everyday player/singer-songwriter, a tool that inspires and elevates your music.

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