KING SNAKE Guitars Melbourne

With the arrival of the KINGSNAKE "Three Bones" into our Melbourne CBD store we thought we would take a look at this model as well as KING SNAKE as a brand. 

KING SNAKE Three Bone P90 - Amber Natural

Body and Finish

  • Top Material: The carved spruce plain top provides a resonant and bright sound. Spruce is known for its light weight and strong tonal qualities. 
  • Finish: The guitar boasts a 100% lacquer finish. Starting with a little alcohol-type filler, it is then finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. This traditional finishing method allows the wood to breathe, enhancing the guitar’s natural tone over time. Nitro finishes are preferred by many for their vintage look and feel and their ability to age beautifully.

Neck and Fretboard

  • Fretboard Material: The ebony fretboard is a high-end feature, offering a smooth and fast playing experience. Ebony is dense and durable, providing excellent sustain and a sleek aesthetic.
  • Playability: With a very comfortable neck profile and the natural slickness of ebony, the fretboard ensures ease of play for both rhythm and lead guitar parts.


  • Pickups: The KINGSNAKE Three Bone P90 is equipped with three P90 pickups. P90s are single-coil pickups known for their punchy, mid-range heavy tone, which sits between the clarity of standard single coils and the warmth of humbuckers. With three P90s, the guitar offers a versatile tonal palette suitable for various genres, including blues, rock, jazz, and more.


Hardware and Case

  • Case: It comes with a hard shell case, which is essential for protecting the instrument during transport and storage. (White & Black Line) 

  • Tone and Versatility: The combination of a carved spruce top and three P90 pickups suggests a guitar that can handle a wide range of tones. From clean, articulate sounds to gritty, overdriven tones, this guitar is versatile enough for many playing styles.
  • Aesthetic and Build Quality: The amber natural finish paired with an ebony fretboard gives the guitar a classic, yet sophisticated look. The nitrocellulose lacquer not only contributes to the sound but also adds to the guitar's vintage appeal.

The KINGSNAKE Three Bone P90 is designed for discerning players who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and versatile sound. Its blend of premium materials and traditional finishing techniques make it a noteworthy option for anyone in the market for a top-tier electric guitar. Whether you’re playing in the studio or on stage, this guitar promises to deliver both in performance and aesthetics.

KINGSNAKE Brand Concept: "Dirty & Wildness"

Before solid-body guitars revolutionized the music world, genres like country, blues, R&B, rock & roll, and popular music were all played on fully hollow guitars. During that era, amplifiers were rudimentary, producing a thick, driving sound from small tube amps cranked up to full volume. Its Kingsnake Guitars bellief the wildness of that time is a core charm of the fully hollow guitar, and Kingsnake aim to capture and convey that essence with their brand, "KING SNAKE."

The name "KING SNAKE" draws inspiration from old blues songs, symbolizing the raw, gritty sound unique to fully hollow guitars. This new brand is dedicated to preserving and celebrating that distinctive, dirty sound.

Legendary Texas bluesman Lightnin' Hopkins famously kept a snake shell in his guitar, claiming it contributed to his instrument's rich sound. Similarly, white country musicians often placed rattlesnake tails in their guitars, fiddles, and mandolins, believing it enhanced the sound and brought a mystical "mojo" – a concept rooted in voodoo traditions to improve luck in money, gambling, and love. This practice reflects the deep cultural ties American musicians have had with these symbols.

In Japan, snakes are revered as messengers of the goddess Benzaiten, symbolizing wealth and good fortune. Snakes have been considered divine messengers since ancient times, essential for enhancing one's luck. The brand name "King Snake" is a fusion of these rich cultural significances from both America and Japan.

Kingsnakes debut model, the Detroit One, pays homage to this legacy. Each Detroit One comes with a snake shell, echoing the tradition. This fully hollow guitar is designed to capture the blues and R&B sound of the 1940s and 1950s, driven by powerful amplifiers. It features a 17" thin plywood body, crafted to enhance sound speed while maintaining the full hollow acoustic quality. Its appearance and sound are reminiscent of John Lee Hooker's iconic look and tone.

Kingsnake have designed original pickups for each model, ensuring a unique sound that doesn't follow contemporary trends.In belief that by reintroducing fully hollow guitars, they can enrich the music market and inspire a new appreciation for the wild, dirty sounds of the past.

So now you are all caught up on KINGSNAKE Guitars make sure you get into our Melbourne CBD Store and Check out our New addition the Three Bones