GIBSON SG Standard '61 - Original Collection

Two Gibson SG Standard '61s are arriving at our Melbourne CBD store. Part of Gibson's Original Collection, they are a tribute to the iconic model from the early 1960s, specifically the year 1961. We have the SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola - Vintage Cherry and the SG Standard '61 - Vintage Cherry arriving very soon. 

Design and Aesthetics

  • Body Shape and Wood: The SG Standard '61 has a distinctive double-cutaway design, known for its lightweight and ergonomic feel. The body is crafted from solid mahogany, providing a warm and resonant tone.
  • Neck and Fingerboard: It features a slim taper neck profile, similar to the original '61 model, which is highly playable and comfortable for fast playing styles. The neck is also made of mahogany, while the fingerboard is rosewood, offering smooth playability and a classic look.
  • Finish: The guitar comes in a high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, available in classic colors like Vintage Cherry, Black, White and TV Yellow. 

Hardware and Components

  • Pickups: The SG Standard '61 is equipped with 60s Burstbucker (neck) and (bridge) pickups. These are designed to replicate the 60s humbuckers, delivering a powerful, articulate, and balanced tone that suits a wide range of musical styles.
  • Bridge and Tailpiece: The SG Standard '61 - Vintage Cherry comes with an ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and a Stop Bar tailpiece, ensuring stable tuning and intonation. The SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola - Vintage Cherry, The Maestro Vibrola offers smooth vibrato effects and the classic styling of the Lyre engraving on the tailpiece cover.
  • Tuners: The guitar features Vintage Deluxe tuners with keystone buttons, maintaining the classic aesthetic while providing reliable tuning stability.

Electronics and Controls

  • Control Layout: The SG Standard '61 has a straightforward control layout with two volume and two tone knobs, along with a three-way pickup selector switch. This traditional setup offers versatile tonal options and ease of use.
  • Wiring: The internal wiring is based on vintage specifications, contributing to the authentic sound and performance of the guitar.

Playability and Performance

  • Neck Profile: The slim taper neck is designed for ease of playing, making it suitable for both rhythm and lead playing. It’s especially appreciated by players who favor speed and dexterity.
  • Weight and Balance: The lightweight body and ergonomic design make the SG Standard '61 comfortable for long playing sessions, whether standing or sitting.
  • Tone and Versatility: The combination of mahogany body and Burstbucker pickups provides a rich, versatile tone that works well for genres ranging from rock and blues to jazz and metal.

Historical Significance

  • Legacy: The SG Standard '61 is a modern reissue of one of Gibson’s most famous models. First introduced in 1961 as a redesign of the Les Paul, it gained immense popularity among rock and blues musicians and remains a staple in the Gibson lineup.
  • Influence: Over the decades, the SG has been used by legendary guitarists such as Angus Young of AC/DC, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, and Eric Clapton, cementing its status as a rock and roll icon.

The Gibson SG Standard '61 is a faithful recreation of a classic guitar, blending vintage aesthetics with modern reliability and playability. Its design, components, and historical legacy make it a highly desirable instrument for both collectors and active musicians seeking the classic Gibson tone and feel. 

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