Looking for an acoustic guitar that can withstand the Australian climate?
Looking for an acoustic guitar that can withstand the Australian climate? Look no further than Australian-made guitars like Maton, Fenech and Pratley.
Australia has a rich tradition of producing high-quality acoustic guitars, and several notable manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the industry. Some of the prominent Australian acoustic guitar manufacturers include: Maton, Fenech and Pratley. 
These guitars are known for their suitability for the Australian climate, thanks to several factors.
Firstly, these guitar manufacturers use woods that are appropriate for the climate. They use Australian tonewoods like Queensland Maple, Victorian Blackwood, and Bunya Pine, which are less prone to warping or damage caused by humidity changes.
The Maton and Fenech are constantly investigating new materials and techniques in the pursuit of creating the world's finest guitars.
Secondly, the construction methods used by these brands are adapted to withstand the climate. They employ techniques that account for temperature and humidity changes to ensure the stability of the guitar.
Most Maton and Fenech Guitars come with a Hardcase. Custom made, for a snug fit.  
Thirdly, Australian-made guitars are crafted with a good understanding of the local climate conditions, allowing manufacturers to implement quality control measures that cater to these specific environmental factors.
Finally, guitar makers like Maton and Fenech have been producing guitars in Australia for many years. This long history means they have accumulated knowledge and expertise in crafting instruments that can endure the unique challenges posed by the Australian climate. Maton and Fenech go to great lengths to ensure that the optimal 50% relative humidity is maintained during the build process.
Overall, the combination of using locally sourced woods, employing appropriate construction techniques, quality control measures, experience, and potential customization options makes Australian-made guitars like Maton, Pratley, and Fenech well-suited for the Australian climate. So, if you want a guitar that can perform well in various climates, choose an Australian-made guitar. Trust us, you won't regret it!