Schecter 7 String Guitars - The Ultimate 2023 Guide!

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Let's go back to the beginning. When did Schecter start making 7 String Guitars?

Schecter Guitar Research was founded in 1976 in Van Nuys, California, USA. And, did you know Schecter initially started as a custom guitar shop, making high-quality replacement parts and custom-built 80's shredding style guitars? Sweet! 

Then, in the early 1990s, Schecter Guitars Research introduced their first 7-string guitar to a raving Shecter fan base (Coleman's Music team included?). 

Schecter began offering 7-string models to cater to the growing demand from guitarists looking for "another level" of guitars when artists like Satch, Via, Hammet and Nuno were at the helm. Since then, Schecter has continued to produce various 7-string guitar models to meet the needs of players in different musical genres - from djent fusion to metal. The exact year Schecter introduced their 7-string guitars is not precisely clear, but it all started in the early 1990s. 

Schecter Guitar Research, back then and today, are a company known for producing some of the highest-quality instruments on planet Earth, primarily for today's rock and metal music genres. The "7-string" in the name obviously refers to the number of strings on the guitar, one more than the traditional 6-string electric guitar - and one less than an 8-string, a whole other world and article.

When it comes to 7-string guitars, Schecter is some of the best in tone, playability and quality. Not to mention some of their monster metal players like Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore), Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold), Dan Donegan (Disturbed), Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial) and more. 

Do we need to go on!

Here are some key features of a Schecter 7-string guitar:

  1. Seven Strings: Schecter 7-string guitars have seven strings instead of the standard six, and the extra string is usually a low B string, providing an extended low-frequency range and allowing players to explore deeper tones and more complex chord voicings. From djent to some of the most melodic guitar pieces you'll ever hear, and extra string really opens up new worlds.

  2. Perfect for Heavy Music: Schecter guitars, including their 7-string models, are popular among players in heavy metal, progressive metal, and other genres that require extended-range instruments. The added string can facilitate heavy riffing and lower-tuned playing. Think djent. Although that extra string is now one trick pony, some of the chord voicing you can create are heavenly.

  3. New Tonal Options: While most Schecter 7-string guitars come equipped with high-output pickups, they can also deliver a wide range of tones suitable for various musical styles like jazz and fusion. Players can easily switch between clean, crunchy, and high-gain tones with most Schecter 7-string guitars.

  4. Extended Scale Length: Folks new to 7 and 8 strings often need to learn that Schecter 7-string guitars often feature an extended scale length compared to standard 6-string guitars. This helps maintain tension on the additional low string and improves intonation and tuning stability with any neck shape.

  5. Superb Range of Models: Schecter offers lots of 7-string guitar models with different body shapes, finishes, and hardware options to cater to the preferences of each player. Check out some of the awesome guitars in the entire Schecter range here.

  6. Outstanding Quality Construction: Schecter is known for its attention to building quality and craftsmanship, and each Schecter guitar in Australia has to go through vigorous quality checks. Furthermore, Schecter guitars are constructed with high-quality tonewoods and components - even the most affordable models are some of the best quality guitars you can buy today.

  7. Affordable Options: While Schecter does produce high-end, premium custom guitars that will leave your jaw and wallet on the ground, Schecter also offers more affordable models, many under the Diamond series banner, including loads of 7-string guitars that are at a price point that's accessible to a wide range of players. Just checkout our Melbourne Music Store for some great deals!

  8. They're awesome, period.

At Coleman's Music, we constantly see that Schecter 7-string guitars are favoured mostly by many guitarists who seek extended range and versatility in their playing or are after new voicing. This only sometimes applies to lower tunings and heavy distortion, but if you have a 7-string and play jazz, how could you not crank some filth for fun? 

Schecter 7-string guitars have gained popularity over the years, and Schecter continues to produce a wide range of 7-string models to cater to different player preferences and budgets.

Schecter 7 String Guitar Red 


What music styles are 7-string guitars good for?

7-string guitars are truly versatile instruments that can be used in various music styles. They are, of course, particularly well-suited for styles that benefit from extended low-end range and added sonic versatility.

Here are some music styles you can rock with a 7-string Schecter guitar:

  1. Metal: 7-string guitars are most closely associated with the many metal genres. They excel in heavy metal, death metal, djent, progressive metal, and other subgenres that require deep, powerful, low-end tones for chugging riffs and complex, extended-range solos.

  2. Hard Rock: Rock guitarists may use 7-string guitars to achieve a heavier, thicker sound. These guitars can help create a more massive wall of sound for hard-hitting riffs and solos.

  3. Progressive Rock: Progressive rock often explores intricate and complex musical passages, and 7-string guitars can provide the additional range needed for intricate chord voicings and melodic lines. One could argue that Passion and Warfare by Steve Vai is one of the best prog rock albums ever made - hard to label, but it was, of course, on a very famous 7-string guitar.

  4. Djent: Djent is a subgenre of metal that strongly emphasisesemphasizes low-tuned, percussive guitar riffs. 7-string guitars are almost a staple in this style due to their ability to deliver tight, low-end punch.

  5. Fusion: Some fusion guitarists use 7-string guitars to expand their tonal palette and explore unique chord voicings. The extended range can be beneficial when combining elements of jazz and rock.

  6. Experimental and Progressive Music: Musicians in experimental and progressive music genres often embrace the 7-string guitar's extended range to push the boundaries of conventional guitar playing and tapping.

  7. Alternative Rock: In alternative rock, some bands and guitarists incorporate 7-string guitars to add depth and texture to their sound, creating a heavier or more atmospheric vibe.

  8. Instrumental and Shred: Some instrumental guitarists and shredders use 7-string guitars to showcase their technical prowess, taking advantage of the extended range for fast and intricate soloing.

  9. Extended Range Jazz: Some guitarists opt for 7-string instruments in contemporary jazz and fusion to explore new harmonies and chord voicing.

While Schecter 7-string guitars are well-suited for all of these styles, they are not limited to them by any means! Guitarists across various genres have incorporated 7-string guitars into their music to add depth and creativity to their sound. Ultimately, the choice of a guitar depends on your preferences and the sonic direction you want to explore.

Who plays a Schecter 7 String Guitars? 

We do, lol. Seriously though, Schecter 7-string guitars are popular among a wide range of guitarists, particularly those in the rock and metal genres.

Many well-known musicians and bands have used Schecter 7-string guitars in their music. While the list of artists who play Schecter 7-string guitars is extensive, here are a few unbelievable ones:

  1. Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore): Jeff Loomis has a signature Schecter 7-string guitar model, and he's known for using Schecter guitars in his work, both with Nevermore and later with Arch Enemy.

  2. Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial): Keith Merrow, a respected figure in the world of modern metal guitar, has collaborated with Schecter to create signature 7-string models tailored to his playing style.

  3. Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold): While primarily known for his work on the Avenged Sevenfold signature models, Synyster Gates has also been associated with Schecter 7-string guitars in certain projects.

  4. Dan Donegan (Disturbed): Dan Donegan, the guitarist for Disturbed, has used Schecter guitars, including 7-string models, in the band's music.

  5. Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared): Ola Englund is a prolific YouTuber and musician who has collaborated with Schecter and uses their 7-string guitars extensively.

  6. Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne): Gus G, known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne, has been spotted playing Schecter 7-string guitars in some of his solo projects and recordings.

  7. Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Carcass): Michael Amott, a highly influential guitarist in the metal scene, has played Schecter guitars, including 7-string models, throughout his career.

  8. Chris Garza (Suicide Silence): Chris Garza of Suicide Silence is another musician who has used Schecter 7-string guitars in his work.

It's important to note that most artists use a variety of guitars in their careers and may switch between different brands. I mean, who wouldn't if you were a famous guitarist?: )

Schecter 7-string guitars, in particular, have gained popularity in the metal and hard rock genres due to their quality construction and versatile tonal capabilities, making them a fav amongst Aussie guitarists of all styles.

 Schecter 7 String Guitar Neck Inlay

What are the various Schecter 7 String Guitars that Schecter makes?

With a great range of models, always be sure to call us at (03) 9654 5115 if you are chasing a particular 7-string guitar. That said, here are a few popular Schecter 7-string guitar models that are usually available at Coleman's Music in Melbourne CBD or online anytime:

  1. Schecter Hellraiser C-7: The Hellraiser series is known for its high-quality construction, active EMG pickups, premium materials, and some gorgeous tops (can we say gorgeous :). Metal and hard rock players often favour the Hellraiser C7 series guitars.

  2. Schecter Banshee Elite-7: The Banshee Elite series features a variety of extended-range guitars, including 7-string models. They typically come with features like a more traditional-looking and sounding swamp ash body, flamed maple top, and high-end Schecter pickups for a versatile tonal range.

  3. Schecter Omen-7: The Omen series is a cracker and is a more budget-friendly series that provides an affordable entry point for players looking to explore 7-string guitars without breaking the bank. The Omen-7 is often the first seven-string model many people buy and start experimenting with new tones.

  4. Schecter Apocalypse Series: The Apocalypse series is designed for players who want aggressive tones and a rugged look. Some models in this series are available as 7-string guitars and often feature high-output pickups.

  5. Schecter Damien Series: Like the Omen series design and shape, the Damien series typically has 6-a-side tuners and offers more stripped-back options with premium components.


Remember that Schecter may have introduced new models or discontinued older ones since this article, so contact us on 03) 9654 5115 to find any Schecter guitar, including their 7-string guitars! 

What do Schecter 7 String Guitars cost?

 Schecter guitars are some of the best value on the market!

The cost of Schecter 7-string guitars can vary widely depending on the specific model, series, features, and the place of purchase. Schecter offers a range of 7-string guitars, from more affordable options aimed at entry-level and intermediate players to high-end instruments designed for professionals.

Here are some general price ranges you might encounter for Schecter 7-string guitars:

  1. Entry-Mid Models: Schecter offers 7-string guitars in their affordable Diamond Series, which typically start in the $800 - $1,200 AUD range. These instruments often include upgraded features, quality tonewoods, and better electronics than many other brands at this price point. Schecter also has stringent quality control in Australia, which means most Schecter guitars play like butter from the showroom!

  2. Higher-End Models: Schecter produces premium 7-string guitars that cater to professional and advanced players. These models can range from $1,500 to $3,000 AUD or more. They feature top-of-the-line components, custom finishes, and exceptional craftsmanship.

  3. Signature Models: Signature models endorsed by renowned artists or guitarists, such as Jeff Loomis or Keith Merrow, can fall into the mid to high price ranges, depending on the specific model and features. If you are looking for a particular Sig or Custom Shop model, get in touch with the Coleman's music team at (03) 9654 5115!

  4. Custom Shop: Schecter also offers a Custom Shop option where you can order a custom-built 7-string guitar with your preferred specifications. The cost of a Custom Shop guitar can vary widely based on your choices.

Please remember that these price ranges are approximate and can fluctuate based on factors like location, and any additional features or customisations.

It's a good idea to check with authorised Schecter Dealer (like Coleman's Music) to check th the most up-to-date pricing information on specific models you're interested in. 


What woods and materials are Schecter 7 String Guitars made from?

Schecter 7-string guitars are constructed using a variety of woods and materials, and the specific choices can vary depending on the model and series. Schecter offers various options to cater to different playing styles and tonal preferences. Here are some common woods and materials used in the construction of Schecter 7-string guitars:

Common Body Woods:

    • Mahogany: Mahogany is a popular choice for the body of many Schecter 7-string guitars. It is known for its warm and balanced tone.
    • Swamp Ash: Swamp ash is a lightweight wood often used for resonance and clarity. Some Schecter models feature swamp ash bodies.
    • Alder: Alder is another tonewood used for its balanced tone, often found in Schecter guitar bodies.
    • Maple: Maple tops or veneers may be used for aesthetic purposes or to add brightness to the tone.
    • Basswood: Basswood is lightweight and can provide a balanced tone with a strong midrange. 

Common Neck Woods:

    • Maple: Maple necks are common in Schecter guitars, offering brightness and stability.
    • Mahogany: Some models feature mahogany necks for a warmer and slightly softer feel.
    • Multi-Ply Construction: Schecter uses multi-ply neck construction for added stability and strength in some models.

Common Fretboard Woods:

    • Rosewood: Rosewood is a traditional choice known for its warmth and resonance.
    • Ebony: Ebony fretboards are known for their smooth feel and bright tone.
    • Maple: Maple fretboards are less common but can provide a bright and snappy tone.

Common Top Woods:

    • Flamed Maple: Flamed maple tops or veneers are often used for their attractive appearance and tonal brightness.
    • Quilted Maple: Quilted maple tops are chosen for their eye-catching figuring and tonal characteristics. 

Hardware and Electronics:

    • Pickups: Schecter offers a range of electric guitar pickup options, including in-house Diamond Series pickups, EMG pickups, Seymour Duncan pickups, Fishman Fluence pickups, and others. The choice of pickups can greatly influence the guitar's tonal character. Schecter also offers a range of bridge pickup and neck pickup options and cool features like Push-Pull/Tone/3-Way Switch, Sustainiac Switch/3-Way Sustainiac Mode Switch, 3-way Switch Hipshot Low Profile, Super linear volume control and volume knobs, and tone knobs that work for swirls and changing.
    • Bridge and Tailpiece: Schecter uses various bridge types, including tune-o-matic, Floyd Rose, and hardtail bridges, depending on the model. There are so many options on Schecter guitars that it's best to find the combo you love and go from there!
    • Tuners: High-quality tuners are commonly used to ensure stable and accurate tuning. One thing with Schecter guitars is that they stay in tune! 

Construction Methods:

    • Depending on the model, Schecter employs various construction methods, including bolt-on necks, set-neck designs, and neck-thru-body construction. Each method can impact the guitar's playability and sustain, so choosing between a bolt-on and fixed neck is up to your preferences.


It's important to note that Schecter offers a great lineup of 7-string guitars, from more affordable options to high-end instruments. The choice of woods and materials can vary significantly across these models, so it's advisable to check the specifications of the guitar you're interested in to get a clear understanding of its construction materials and design details.

This will help you choose a guitar that matches your tonal preferences and playing style. Or call us on (03) 9654 5115 if you need a hand!

Schecter 7 String Guitar Wood 


How much harder is it to play a 7 string guitar?

You might be surprised - playing a 7-string guitar is not all that much "harder" than playing a 6-string guitar, depending on your guitar level. Of course, if you're still learning chords and are a beginner, a 7-string is best left for now. An intermediate to advanced player can switch easily!

7-string guitars naturally come with some unique differences that players need to adapt to. Whether these challenges make it "harder" depends on your perspective and ability to switch between instruments. There's no right way!

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. A Wider Neck: 7-string guitars have a wider neck to accommodate the extra string. This means you must adjust your fretting hand technique to navigate the wider spacing between the strings. Getting used to the increased finger stretch required for specific chord shapes and scale patterns can take some time.

  2. String Tension: The additional string on a 7-string guitar, typically a low B string, can have higher tension than the other strings. This can affect the feel of the guitar and may require adjustments to your playing technique, particularly for bending and vibrato on that string.

  3. Intonation and Tuning Stability: Ensuring proper intonation and tuning stability can be more challenging on a 7-string guitar with an extended range. Regular maintenance and setup are more important than a six-string to keep the instrument playing well.

  4. Picking Technique: If you're accustomed to alternate picking and fast runs on a 6-string guitar, you must adapt your picking technique to incorporate the extra string. This can take some practice to achieve speed and precision.

  5. Sonic Choices: With an extra low string, you have more tonal options, but this also means you must choose when and how to use it effectively in your playing. Finding the right balance between the low B string and the rest of the strings in your compositions can take some time and experimentation.

  6. Learning Curve: If you're transitioning from a 6-string to a 7-string guitar, there will be an initial learning curve as you adapt to the new instrument's nuances. However, with some practice, most players can quickly overcome these challenges.

Many Aussie guitarists find playing a 7-string guitar rewarding and creatively inspiring. The extended range allows for new musical possibilities and opens doors to unique sounds and compositions.

With practice, you can become proficient on a 7-string guitar in less time than you might think!


What kind of pickups do Schecter 7 String Guitars have? 

Like other Schecter guitars, Schecter 7-string guitars come equipped with a variety of pickup configurations, depending on the model and series. Unlike many manufacturers who use only their pickups or select partners, Schecter offers guitars with all kinds of pickup options to cater to different player preferences and musical styles. Here are some pickups commonly found in Schecter 7-string guitars:

  1. Schecter Diamond Series Pickups: Many Schecter 7-string models feature their in-house Schecter Diamond Series pickups. These pickups are designed to offer a versatile tonal range and are often available in different models with varying output levels.

  2. EMG Pickups: Schecter frequently uses EMG (Electric Guitar Magnetic) pickups, including models like the EMG 707 and EMG 81-7, in their 7-string guitars. EMG pickups are known for their high output and clarity, making them popular in the metal and hard rock genres.

  3. Seymour Duncan Pickups: Some Schecter 7-string guitars come equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups. Models like the Seymour Duncan Nazgûl and Sentient are commonly used for their balanced tone and high output.

  4. Fishman Fluence Pickups: In recent years, Schecter has started incorporating Fishman Fluence pickups into some of their 7-string models. These pickups are known for their tonal versatility and noiseless operation.

  5. Bare Knuckle Pickups: Schecter offers certain 7-string models with Bare Knuckle pickups. Bare Knuckle pickups are hand-wound and known for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique tonal characteristics.

  6. Active and Passive Pickups: Schecter provides a mix of active and passive pickup configurations in their 7-string guitars, allowing players to choose between the enhanced output of active pickups and the more traditional tonal qualities of passive pickups.

Like all guitar models and brands, the choice of pickups can greatly affect the guitar's overall tone and versatility. Still, Schecter caters to a wide range of musical styles and player preferences, another thing we love about Schecter 7 String guitars!


What is the neck like on a Schecter 7 String Guitar?

The neck on a Schecter 7-string guitar can vary on the specific model, and Schecter offers a range of neck profiles, materials, and construction methods to cater to your preferences. Here are some common characteristics and features you might find on the necks of Schecter 7-string guitars:

  1. Neck Profile: Schecter offers various neck profiles, including thin C-shaped profiles for fast and comfortable playing and thicker profiles for those who prefer a more substantial feel. The specific profile can vary between models, so you may find options that suit your playing style.

  2. Scale Length: Most Schecter 7-string guitars have a standard scale length of 25.5 inches, although there are exceptions. A longer scale length can improve string tension and intonation, especially when using lower tunings.

  3. Neck Material: Schecter uses various neck materials, including maple, mahogany, and multi-ply construction. The choice of material can impact the guitar's tone and overall feel.

  4. Fretboard Material: Schecter 7-string guitars often feature fretboards made from materials like rosewood, ebony, or maple. The choice of fretboard material can affect the guitar's tonal characteristics and playability.

  5. Fretboard Radius: The fretboard radius refers to the curvature of the fretboard. Schecter typically offers a compound radius, which means the curvature changes as you move up the neck. This provides comfortable chording in lower positions and facilitates fast soloing higher up the neck.

  6. Fret Size: Schecter guitars may have different fret sizes, such as jumbo or extra-jumbo frets. The choice of fret size can affect your playing style and bending capabilities, so be sure to check out the specs of the model you're after.

  7. Inlays: Schecter often incorporates unique and eye-catching inlay designs on their fretboards, including dots, Gothic crosses, and custom designs. Inlays can add to the aesthetics of the guitar.

  8. Construction: Schecter employs various neck construction methods, including bolt-on and set-neck designs. Bolt-on necks are typically easier to repair or replace, while set-neck designs can offer improved sustain and resonance.

It's important to note that Schecter offers a wide range of 7-string guitar models, from more budget-friendly options to high-end instruments.

The neck features and characteristics can vary significantly across these models, so it's advisable to check the specifications of the specific Schecter 7-string guitar you're interested in to get a clear picture of the neck profile, materials, and construction details.

Schecter 7 String Guitar Black 


What are the disadvantages of a Schecter 7 String Guitar?

While Schecter 7-string guitars are known for their quality and versatility, like any musical instrument, they have their disadvantages and limitations. These disadvantages may be unique, as they can vary depending on the specific model and individual preferences. Here are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  1. Size and Weight: Schecter 7-string guitars, like many extended-range instruments, can be larger and heavier than standard 6-string guitars. This can be uncomfortable for some players, especially during long performances or practice sessions.

  2. Learning Curve: If you're accustomed to playing 6-string guitars, transitioning to a 7-string guitar can have a learning curve. Adapting to the wider neck and extra string may take some time and practice.

  3. String Maintenance: The additional string on a 7-string guitar means there's more to maintain. This includes extra string changes, potential adjustments to the nut and bridge, and ensuring proper intonation.

  4. Cost: While Schecter offers a range of models at various price points, high-quality 7-string guitars can be relatively expensive. If you're on a tight budget, the cost of an excellent 7-string guitar may be a disadvantage.

  5. Style Compatibility: 7-string guitars can excel in various music styles, but some genres may have better choices. The extra string may not provide significant benefits if you primarily play music that doesn't require an extended low-end range.

  6. Tonal Balance: Achieving a balanced tone across all seven strings can be challenging, especially when amplifying the guitar. Players need to pay attention to pickup selection, string gauge, and amp settings to ensure a well-rounded sound.

  7. Portability: Due to their size and weight, Schecter 7-string guitars may not be as portable as smaller, lighter instruments. This can be a disadvantage for musicians who travel frequently or need to transport their gear frequently.

Despite these potential disadvantages, many guitarists find Schecter 7-string guitars excellent instruments that offer unique tonal possibilities and new musical dimensions to their sound and songwriting. The drawbacks mentioned above may be relatively minor compared to the advantages they provide for those who seek an extended-range instrument for genres like metal, progressive rock, or experimental music. Ultimately, the suitability of a Schecter 7-string guitar depends on your playing style, preferences, and musical goals.


What are the best 7 String Guitar Strings for my Schecter guitar?

Honestly, they're almost all great these days unless you go super budget. It just depends on your personal choice and budget. The right 7-string guitar strings and gauges vary depending on your style, tonal preferences, and the specific guitar you use.

Different string sets offer unique tone, tension, and feel characteristics. Here are some popular 7-string guitar string brands and sets that are well-regarded by many players:

  1. Ernie Ball Guitar Strings:
    • Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky Set: These are known for their bright tone and balanced feel. They come in various gauges, so you can choose the set that suits your preferred string tension.
  1. D'Addario Guitar Strings:
    • D'Addario NYXL 7-String Set: The NYXL series is known for its durability, tuning stability, and enhanced midrange presence. They offer various gauge options for different playing styles.
  1. Elixir Guitar Strings:
    • Elixir Nanoweb Coated 7-String Set: Elixir strings are famous for their long-lasting tone due to their coated design. They offer a balanced tone and smooth feel.
  1. DR Strings Guitar Strings:
    • DR Strings Tite-Fit 7-String Set: These strings are known for their excellent sustain and bright tone. They come in various gauges to accommodate different playing preferences.
  1. GHS Strings Guitar Strings:
    • GHS Boomers 7-String Set: GHS Boomers are known for their versatility and balanced tone. They are available in different gauges to suit various musical styles.
  1. Dean Markley Guitar Strings:
    • Dean Markley 7-String Blue Steel Set: Blue Steel strings are cryogenically treated for increased durability and tone longevity. They offer a bright, punchy tone.
  1. Thomastik-Infeld Guitar Strings
    • Thomastik-Infeld 7-String Jazz Swing Set: Designed for jazz and fusion players, these flat-wound strings provide a warm, smooth tone and reduced finger noise.
  1. Dunlop Guitar Strings:
    • Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Set: These strings are designed for players who prefer lower tunings and want a tighter, more focused tone.

    When choosing 7-string guitar strings, it's also a good idea to experiment with different brands and gauges to find the strings that best suit your playing style and guitar setup. What works best for one guitarist may not be ideal for another, so personal preference plays a significant role in selecting the right strings for your 7-string guitar.


    What other brands make 7 string guitars?

    These days, many more "modern" guitar manufacturers produce 7-string guitars. Here are some notable brands that make 7-string guitars:

    1. Ibanez: Ibanez has a long history of producing 7-string guitars and offers a diverse lineup, including models for rock, metal, jazz, and more. The RG series and the S series are popular choices.

    2. ESP/LTD: ESP and its subsidiary LTD offer 7-string guitars designed for various genres, including metal and rock. Their signature models are well-known for artists like James Hetfield (Metallica) and Stephen Carpenter (Deftones).

    3. Jackson: Jackson guitars, known for their sleek designs, offer 7-string models catering to metal and hard rock players. The Soloist and Dinky series are prominent in this regard.

    4. PRS Guitars: Paul Reed Smith (PRS) offers several 7-string models that provide a blend of modern and traditional design elements suitable for various musical genres.

    5. Dean Guitars: Dean produces 7-string guitars for players interested in rock and metal. Some models feature unique body shapes and artwork.

    6. Epiphone: Epiphone, a subsidiary of Gibson, offers 7-string versions of some of their popular guitar models. These are often more budget-friendly options.

    7. Charvel: Charvel, known for its high-performance guitars, has 7-string models that are popular among shredders and metal players.

    8. Ormsby Guitars: Ormsby is known for its custom and production of 7-string guitars, offering a wide range of tonewood options, features, and finishes.

    9. Kiesel Guitars: Kiesel offers customisable 7-string guitars, allowing players to choose various specifications, including body shape, woods, and pickups.

    10. Mayones Guitars: Mayones, a Polish guitar manufacturer, produces premium 7-string guitars known for their craftsmanship and versatility.

    11. Music Man: Ernie Ball Music Man offers 7-string versions of their popular guitar models, known for their build quality and tonal clarity.

    12. LTD by ESP: In addition to ESP guitars, LTD offers a wide selection of 7-string guitars at various price points, making them accessible to players with different budgets.

    Please note that the availability of specific models and brands may change over time, so it's a good idea to visit the official websites of these manufacturers or check with local guitar dealers for the most current offerings and availability. Additionally, custom guitar builders and boutique manufacturers may also produce 7-string guitars tailored to your specific player needs and preferences. 

    Where can I buy a Schecter 7-string guitar?

     At Coleman's Music, of course! We have faster shipping right to your front door from our online team or drop into our Melbourne Music Store in the CBD to pick up a Schecter 7-string guitar in person. Our in-store team are Schecter guitar and 7-string experts, and we can help you find the tone and guitar you're after!

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