Victory Amps - VICTORY Sheriff 25 Combo Amp Review

There is a new Sheriff in I couldn't help myself. 

I'm guessing the Sheriff is a play-on word to describe the Amp tone that may be similar to another popular amp brand. (For those of you who missed the subtly, it's a law-enforcing Sheriff and not a law-enforcing Marshall.) 

I love the simplistic look of the VICTORY Sheriff 25 Combo, I just don't need my Amp to look like a leather-bound book that smells of rich mahogany. You might want to check out The Duchess if that is your thing. 

The Sheriff 25 stands out with its unique mid-range prowess, delivering a plethora of usable tones at practical volume levels. It's a true champion of the 60s to 70s classic British rock sounds, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of that era. 

With its dual channels, the Sheriff 25 offers a versatile range of tones. The Vintage channel is perfect for those seeking the classic lower-gain 60s British blues and rock vibe, while the Hot Rod channel cranks up the gain, catering to the heavier sounds of the 70s and 80s.

The clean tone on the Vintage channel is perfect for those who love that clean tone that's almost breaking up. If you like the real glassy sound of a Fender, then this is not the clean tone for you. 

The Hot Rod Channel is a beast, tons of gain to play with here. 

It has 1 x Vintage 12" G12H Celestian Speaker which is known for its punch and aggresion. It really is a perfect match for this Amp. 

The Footswitch (That comes with the Amp) allows you to select between Master 1 and 2 and Channel 1 and 2. 

If you're a rock enthusiast, I highly recommend experiencing the VICTORY Sheriff 25 Combo for yourself. Visit our Melbourne CBD store and let the amp's impressive performance speak for itself

TECH SPECS for the VICTORY Sheriff 25 

  • FORMAT::

    Two-channel/mode all-valve 1×12 combo

  • POWER::

    25 watts RMS

  • VALVES::

    3x ECC83, 2 x EL86 as standard

  • SIZE (MM)::

    605(w) x 495(h) x 255(d)

  • WEIGHT::


    • Footswitchable modes ‘Vintage’ & ‘Hot Rod’ channels
    • Series effects loop
    • Bass focus
    • Presence switch
    • External bias test points and adjustment
    • 1 Celestion G12 Anniversary Speaker
    • Slip Cover included