AMEB Piano Level 1 Handbook Series 18 Preliminary to Grade 4

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Contains detailed analyses of all these pieces with a wealth of information about the historical, biographical and interpretative elements of each of the works. Complete with a glossary of key terms, this Handbook helps students address the Section III General Knowledge requirements of examinations. Please note this product does not contain a CD of recordings of the works.

PRELIMINARY Let's sing a duet (Eagles) ♫ The fisherman (Hirschberg) ♫ Theme (Spindler) ♫ Minuet (Telemann arr. Hodgson) ♫ Breslaur (Walzer) ♫ Andante (Gurlitt) ♫ Tempo di minuetto (Hook) ♫ Little dance (Türk arr. Faber and Faber) ♫ Mini toccata (Baumgartner) ♫ Soufiane (El-Dabh) ♫ Little flower girl of Paris (Gillock) ♫ TCreepy crawlies (McFarlane) ♫ Bouncing ball (Richert) GRADE 1 Etude (Beyer) ♫ Prelude (Concone arr. Hodgson) ♫ Minuet (Purcell) ♫ Summer toccatina (Vandall) ♫ Allegro (Hässler) ♫ Minuet (attrib. Haydn) ♫ Allegretto (Nielsen) ♫ Mazurka (Szymanowska) ♫ Goblin dance (Bullard) ♫ A rainy Saturday (Diemer) ♫ Mozzie (Milne) ♫ Sailors’ dance (Tansman) GRADE 2 March (Bach, C.P.E.) ♫ Through the steppes (Bortkiewicz) ♫ Dragon fly (Gillock) ♫ Minuet (Stanley arr. Lockett) ♫ Petite pièce (Goedicke) ♫ Allegro (Lynes) ♫ Minuet (Mozart) ♫ Mazurka for Chopin (Rollin) ♫ Meandering mazurka (Kotchie) ♫ Circus (Peskanov) ♫ Tango for two (Schmitz) ♫ The troll at the edge of the woods (Waxman) GRADE 3 Study (Concone) ♫ Preludio (Handel) ♫ Banjo tune (Schoenmehl) ♫ Loure (Telemann) ♫ Gavotte (Beach) ♫ Sonatina (Benda) ♫ Andantino (Elgar) ♫ Menuet and trio (Haydn) ♫ A song with a sad ending (Benjamin) ♫ Butterfly waltz (Hiller) ♫ Fable (Muczynski) ♫ La poupée (Tansman) GRADE 4 Chaconne (Fischer) ♫ Etude (Heller) ♫ Machines on the loose (Olson) ♫ Mountain village scene (Yu) ♫ Orientale (Chaminade) ♫ Allegro (Haydn) ♫ Romanze (Hummel) ♫ Mazurka (Tchaikovsky) ♫ Sonatina (Kabalevsky) ♫ Russian waltz (Kats-Chernin) ♫ Rainy day (Liebermanni) ♫ Tartan (Milne)

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