AMEB Piano Series 17 Preliminary - Grade 2 Recording & Handbook

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Contains a CD with recordings of all the repertoire that is contained in the corresponding grade book, as well as detailed analyses of all these pieces with a wealth of information about the historical, biographical and interpretative elements of each of the works. Complete with a glossary of key terms, the AMEB Piano Series 17 Preliminary - Grade 2 Recording & Handbook helps students address the Section III General Knowledge requirements of examinations.

Allegretto (Reinagle) ♫ Allegretto (Hook) ♫ Banjo (Trynes) ♫ Die Jugend Tanz (Turk) ♫ Dripping Fairy (Chua) ♫ Gnomes Marching (Hyde) ♫ Malaguena (Trad) ♫ Nun Rate Mal (Have a Guess) (Schawersaschwill) ♫ Salt and Pepper (Milne) ♫ Scherzo (McKern) ♫ Study (Couppey) ♫ Trumpet Tune (Duncombe) ♫ A Merry Tune (Kabalevsky) ♫ Allegretto (Diabelli) ♫ Around the Pool (Holland) ♫ Bourree (Graupner) ♫ Canoeing Down the Canon (Kotchie) ♫ Canonblue Crusin (Kotchie) ♫ Ghosts (Hopkins) ♫ Giga (Arnold) ♫ Kanzonetta (Neefe) ♫ Minuet (Hook) ♫ Puddles (Trynes) ♫ Quasi Adagio (Bartok) ♫ Rollin in the Cannonfields (Kotchie) ♫ Round the Garden (Kotchie) ♫ Rustic Dance (Muller) ♫ Sea Shanty (Sutherland) ♫ Allegretto (Vanhal) ♫ Allegro (Bartok) ♫ Balet Anglois (Fischer) ♫ Innocence (Burgmuller) ♫ Menuetto 1& 2 (Mozart) ♫ Patter Dance (Sutherland) ♫ Poco Presto E Con Allegrezza (Turk) ♫ Scherzo (Reichardt) ♫ Stars and Galaxies (Kutnowski)♫ Study (Couppey) ♫ T Rex Hungry (Chua) ♫ Thin Ice (Bullard)

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