Chopin de Ghibli - 13 Studio Ghibli Songs arr. Chopin Style (Piano Solo)

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This is a collection of piano arrangements from Studio Ghibli works for advanced players, arranged in the Chopin style, who composed numerous works for piano. Players who are trained in traditional piano education, such as Beyer and Czerny, should find an affinity with the arrangements that borrow Chopin's style of expression, as many scores prioritize reproducing the sounds they hear as directly as possible.


Song List:

1. Therru’s Song
2. Always with Me
3. The Song of Baron
4. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind - Opening Theme
5. Day of the River
6. Carrying You
7. Merry-Go-Round of Life
8. The Path of the Wind
9. A Town with an Ocean View
10. Princess Mononoke
11. Departure
12. Hey Let's Go
13. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

1. 瑟魯之歌
2. 永远常在, 3. 貓男爵主題曲
4. 风之谷(風之谷) - 片头曲
5. 那一天的河川
6. 伴隨着你
7. 人生的旋轉木馬
8. 風之通道
9. 能看見海的街道
10. 幽靈公主
11. 踏上旅程
12. 散步
13. 崖上的波妞

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