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Dont 24 Preparatory Exercises to the Studies of Kreutzer & Rode (Violin) Urtext Edition with piano score, unmarked performance score & marked part.

Dont, Kreutzer, Rode: three of the most prominent violin pedagogues of the nineteenth century are united here in one volume. At the outset of the nineteenth century, Rodolphe Kreutzer and Pierre Rode each composed epochal collections of studies (see HN 1177 and HN 1186); in 1852, as an introduction to these two standard works, Jakob Dont wrote his exceptionally helpful 24 Preparatory Exercises op. 37, which even today no student of the violin can avoid. Their success is also evident from the fact that numerous revised editions were published in the twentieth century by violinists such as Hans Sitt, Carl Flesch, or Ivan Galamian. Now for the first time, G. Henle Publishers’ Urtext edition restores access to the unadulterated original with Dont’s authentic fingering and bowing suggestions, in an outstandingly legible musical text. The prominent violin pedagogue Paul Roczek acted as a consultant for this edition and carefully supplemented Dont’s original marking.

Each publication presents Henle features, which have become well known and
liked by musicians of all ages.

  • Slightly opaque paper for ease of reading/playing the musical text.
  • Extensive prefaces, which thus inform the discerning player about
    historical/musicological aspects of the composition.
  • Particular emphasis on ease of pages turns, thereby facilitating
    practical playing aspects.
  • Henle Urtext editions are not only noted for the scholarly accuracy
    of their text, but also for the clear appearance of the musical text as well
    as the excellent printing.

Dominik Rahmer (Editor)

Jakob Dont (Fingering and bowing for Violin)

Paul Roczek (Additional markings and practical comments)

Urtext Edition, paperbound

Pages 42 (VII+35), Size 23,5 x 31,0 cm

Weight 176 g

HN 1176 · ISMN 979-0-2018-1176-5

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