FENECH Masterbuilt D78c Ebony

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FENECH Masterbuilt D78c Ebony

Experience the pinnacle of acoustic craftsmanship with the FENECH Masterbuilt D78c. Each facet of this instrument reflects a harmonious blend of premium materials and Aaron Fenech's artisanal expertise, culminating in an instrument that defines excellence in the world of acoustic guitars.

At its core lies a Master Grade Lutz Spruce top, meticulously chosen and voiced to unlock its full sonic potential. The back and sides feature Solid Crelicam Ebony, imparting a balanced, resonant tonality and exceptional projection.

Aesthetically captivating, Indian Rosewood bindings grace the edges, enhancing both structural integrity and visual elegance. All solid timber bindings, accompanied by secondary purfling detail, speak volumes about the meticulous craftsmanship invested in every inch of this instrument.

The Master Grade solid timber construction for the back, sides, and soundboard, individually optimized for supreme acoustic resonance, showcases the dedication to sonic excellence. A timber back strip ensures both reinforcement and a touch of refined detail.

Crafted for optimal playability and durability, the one-piece Genuine Mahogany neck boasts a volute for added strength. The Ebony fingerboard, adorned with a purfling border, offers a luxurious playing surface that complements the guitar's aesthetic charm.

Further accentuating its elegance, the Ebony bridge and head plate feature purfling border inlays, harmonizing flawlessly with the Mother of Pearl Fenech headstock logo and wave motif.

With fret ends meticulously undercut for smoothness and premium Gotoh machine heads ensuring precise tuning stability, this instrument is a testament to meticulous attention to detail.

The FENECH A1G sound hole-mounted acoustic pickup seamlessly integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern amplification capabilities, allowing the guitar's natural tones to shine through even when amplified.

The Tusq nut, saddle, and bridge pins have been thoughtfully chosen to enhance its tonal clarity and sustain. The Gloss Nitro Finish not only safeguards the instrument but also accentuates the wood's innate beauty, lending a lustrous sheen to this exceptional creation.

The FENECH Masterbuilt D78c is an embodiment of Aaron Fenech's devotion to the art of luthiery. It stands as a testament to uncompromising quality, unmatched tonal characteristics, and timeless beauty—a guitar that inspires and captivates musicians at every touch and strum.

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