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The RG is the most recognizable and distinctive guitar in the Ibanez line. Three decades of metal have forged this high-performance machine, honing it for both speed and strength. Whether you favor a hardtail (fixed) bridge or our industry-leading locking tremolo system, the RG is a precision instrument.


  • Medium frets - Medium sized frets enhance the accuracy of your notes.
  • Poplar body - Poplar used as body wood delivers a well-balanced tone with incredible thickness.
  • Classic Elite pickups  - Classic Elite pickups offer rich, nuanced tone with fat low-end.
  • F106 bridge - The F106 bridge enriches sustain. String height adjustment can be done easily and independently.
  • Chameleon finish
  • Mono-unit output jack - The mono-unit output jack is made of solid, durable material and is a single piece to avoid unwanted movement and loosening of the jack, which leads to contact failure or disconnection. This innovation allows for long term playing enjoyment and minimal maintenance.

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