PRESONUS AIR AIR10 2-WAY 1200W Active Speaker

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PRESONUS AIR AIR10 2-WAY 1200W Active Speaker

Compact and lightweight, Presonus AIR10 active loudspeakers provide a rich, extended low-end and natural high-frequency extension in an enclosure that will easily fit in the backseat of a small car. The Presonus AIR10 has an excellent build quality, component quality and delivers a stunning audio quality!

Backed by 1,200W (dynamic) of Class D/Class AB power with a 10-inch woofer and enhanced with easy-to-use digital tuning functions with a number of DSP performance presets and additional presets, the Presonus AIR10 gives you all the power and tools you need for both mobile and installed sound with a great combo inputs to enjoy the amazing AIR-series loudspeakers.

Presonus AIR10, The best of two worlds.

Each type of power amplifier has advantages and disadvantages. By employing different amplifier types for each driver, Presonus AIR10 loudspeakers use the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B amplifiers to provide optimal response throughout the speaker’s frequency range.

A 500W (continuous power), Class D amplifier, or amp powers the 10-inch low-frequency driver, providing efficient, clean power for the gut-shaking low end when you need it. A 200W (continuous), Class AB amplifier powers the 1.35-inch high-frequency driver, delivering a natural sounding, "AIR-y" high end. The combination can deliver up to 123 dB SPL of sweet, clear sound between 51 Hz and 20 kHz in both horizontal dispersion like a fold back, and also vertical dispersion for gigs and rehearsals, a perfect combo of both worlds from the 10-inch loudspeaker.

Fast and easy customisation of sounds.

The Presonus AIR10 loudspeaker is equipped with an easy-to-use signal processor that makes it simple to customise your loudspeakers with the push of a button - powering the active sound reinforcement loudspeaker. Presets customise the AIR10’s response for use as front-of-house mains; as monitor wedges; for music playback (e.g., for DJs or corporate events) with built-in presets and a leading digital signal processor that can even take signals from smartphones and a choice of inputs; for enhanced low-end warmth, and for improved speech intelligibility. Treble and bass controls let you boost or cut by 10 dB to compensate for room anomalies, like event halls and . Location presets let you optimise performance for stand and bracket mounting as well as floor installations with different degrees of tilt to get the tone you need, including extra warmth when needed.

Versatile mounting and a flexible inputs for a variety of applications.

The Presonus AIR10’s moulded plastic cabinet can be mounted in several ways through the pole socket, providing tremendous versatility and options. The multi-angle enclosure sports nonskid rubber feet on the bottom for upright front-of-house use and nonskid rubber feet on one side for stage monitor applications. Rig the speaker using M10 fly points or ground-stack it for portable applications.

Mount it on a tripod or atop an AIR-series subwoofer using an optional sub pole. The integrated dual-position pole mount lets you aim the speaker level or at a 7.5˚ downward tilt. And the Presonus AIR10 is easy to transport, thanks to its top-mounted handle and sturdy steel grille. Even the convenience of the Presonus AIR10 provides fantastic features, even just the mounting options!

The Presonus AIR10, you’ll be floored by its exceptional sound quality.

If you place a loudspeaker against a hard surface such as a wall or floor, the low frequencies emitted from the rear of the enclosure propagate back into the room. This effect, called “half-space loading,” can increase the output of bass frequencies by as much as 6 dB, and it is an unavoidable issue with floor monitors. Most PA speakers in this class simply roll off excess low frequencies with a highpass filter—a half-baked compensation for half-space loading.

In contrast, AIR-series full-range loudspeakers offer a Monitor preset that uses DSP to retune the speaker to both compensate for bass buildup and maintain a tight mid-bass response, while suppressing problematic frequencies to reduce feedback - perfect for floor wedge applications and ensuring a balanced output and dispersion pattern of sound, from warmer sound to cutting through the mix with guitars and drums. 

Where can I buy the Presonus AIR10?

If you're looking to buy PRESONUS AIR AIR10 2-WAY 1200W Active Speaker for a range of common applications like rehearsals or gigs with customised presets and amplifier configuration options? You’ll love Coleman's Music PA Shop in Melbourne CBD and Online with fast delivery to your front door. We have faster shipping with minimal delivery times right to your front door from our online team, or drop into our Melbourne Music Store in the CBD to pickup a Presonus AIR10 in person with all of it's friendly option and connection options. Our in-store team are Presonus experts, and can help you find the product you're after, no matter if you are looking for beginner options or are a touring musician or DJ!

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