Studio Ghibli 77 Selections: The Ultimate Studio Ghibli Piano Solo Collection

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Here is the ultimate, official, complete edition of Studio Ghibli Piano Solo Collection, featuring 77 of Studio Ghibli's essential musical masterpieces, fully supported in three languages: Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese!

From 20 of Studio Ghibli's most beloved films, including "My Neighbor Totoro," "Princess Mononoke," "Spirited Away," and more, comes a piano solo collection featuring 77 iconic songs. In addition to timeless favourites, songs from popular soundtracks such as "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Porco Rosso" are included.

Featuring Studio Ghibli's musical masterpieces in solo piano arrangements, this collection includes the film's theme songs as well as fan-favourite instrumental music. The difficulty levels range from easy to intermediate, making them accessible to a wide range of players, and the simpler arrangements can be fully enjoyed by players who can feel the essence and atmosphere. The book cover features official Studio Ghibli artwork.

The book is supported in Japanese, English and Chinese. This single volume offers a comprehensive, special collector's edition for enjoying the music of Studio Ghibli. "Studio Ghibli 77 Selections" is sure to take you on a musical journey through 20 Studio Ghibli films!



1. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Opening Theme
2. Nausicaa Requiem
3. The Bird Man - Ending Theme
4. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Symbol Theme Song
5. The Princess Who Loves Insects
6. Contact with the Ohmu
7. The Road to the Valley
8. Battle
9. A Sea of Clouds in the Moonlight
10. Doves and the Boy
11. Castle in the Sky
12. The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
13. Carrying You
14. A Rowdy Brawl (- Pursuit)
15. Memories of Gondoa
16. Discouraged Pazu
17. Sheeta's Decision
18. The Path of the Wind
19. Hey Let's Go
20. Cat Bus
21. My Neighbor Totoro
22. The Village in May
23. A Haunted House!
24. Mother
25. A Lost Child
26. On a Clear Day
27. A Very Busy Kiki
28. The Baker’s Assistant
29. Message of Rouge
30. Yasashisani Tsutsumaretanara
31. A Town with an Ocean View
32. Departure
33. Starting the Job
34. Surrogate Jiji
35. Heartbroken Kiki
36. Main Theme
37. In Search of the Distant Era
38. Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days
39. Bygone Days
40. Le Temps des cerises
41. The Theme of Marco and Gina
42. The Wind of Ages - When a Human Can be a Human
43. Anytime, Somebody Will Always
44. The Tanukis Now... (Epilogue)
45. Engelszimmer
46. A Hilly Town
47. Princess Mononoke
48. The Legend of Ashitaka
49. Ashitaka and San
50. Kodamas
52. Day of the River
53. Reprise
54. Always with Me
55. Sootballs
56. Kaze ni Naru (Like the Breeze)
57. Waltz "Katzen Blut"
58. Merry-Go-Round of Life
59. The Promise of the World
60. Family
61. The Merry Light Cavalrymen
62. Sophie's Castle
63. The Boy Who Swallowed a Star
64. Therru's Song
65. Song of Time
66. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (Movie Version)
67. Mother Sea
68. The Grand Finale
69. Rondo of the House of Sunflowers
70. Arrietty's Song
71. The Neglected Garden
72. Summer of Farewells - From Up on Poppy Hill
73. The Breakfast Song
74. Hikoukigumo (Vapor Trail)
75. Nahoko (An Unexpected Meeting)
76. When I Remember This Life
77. Fine on the Outside

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