TAYLOR T5z Custom Koa

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 TAYLOR T5z Custom Koa 

Since its groundbreaking debut in 2005, the original T5 guitar set a remarkable precedent, evolving into the smaller T5z, Taylor's distinct hollowbody hybrid electric-acoustic series. These guitars have forged a unique identity in the realm of stage-ready musical instruments. Their fusion of electric and acoustic pickups, coupled with 5-way switching, has equipped musicians with an exceptionally adaptable tool suitable for diverse musical applications.

Now, Taylor's master builder, Andy Powers, has propelled the T5z forward with a comprehensive set of design updates aimed at enhancing comfort, rendering it more captivating than ever. While preserving the pickups, preamp, and five-way switching – maintaining the distinct sonic traits that render the T5z musically enticing – the guitar boasts a lighter, sleeker, and more ergonomically contoured body. Additionally, strategic repositioning of the tone knob enhances accessibility, resulting in an irresistibly inviting playing experience.

The T5z Custom, with its focus on comfort-oriented improvements and aesthetic refinements, presents an elevated level of musical allure. Constructed with a lightweight Urban Ash body and an exquisite Hawaiian koa top, complemented by chamfered edges and an integrated armrest on the upper body edge, this model ensures exceptional comfort during extended play. Its swift-playing neck, adorned with jumbo frets, promotes a comfortable grip, encouraging exploration into new musical realms with each guitar pick-up.

Featuring a three-pickup arrangement – a concealed neck humbucker, a visible middle-position humbucker, and an acoustic body sensor – this model produces a dynamic spectrum of tones, spanning from rich acoustic resonance to potent electric output. This tonal range is further harnessed by the instrument's five-way switching and conveniently placed active circuitry, allowing for remarkable on-the-fly tone-shaping capabilities.

The T5z Custom caters to players seeking an unparalleled musical journey, delivering a blend of comfort, versatility, and sonic excellence that redefine the boundaries of musical exploration.


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