Total Percussion - Sound Reduction Cymbals Box Set 14 16 20


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Sound Reduction Cymbals from Total Percussion allow you to PLAY 24/7.

Utilising a proprietary Stainless Steel alloy, these cymbals are specifically designed to reduce volume for 24/7 practice, but not enough to lose tone and pitch. SRC cymbals offer a reduced sound playing level for smaller acoustic gigs that can also be mic'd through a PA. SRC cymbals work perfectly in conjunction with Remo Silentstroke drumheads for low volume practice on your own acoustic kit.

SRC cymbal set includes: 1 x Pair SRC14PR - 14" Hi-Hats, 1 x SRC16 - 16' Crash Cymbal, 1 x SRC20 - 20" Ride Cymbal.

Plus a pair of Total Percussion 5A American Hickory drumsticks - all supplied in a striking, full colour gift box

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