VEGA TREM Ultra Trem Std Black

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VT1 Ultra Trem Std Black

Unlike any trem you've ever used, this Vega Trem VT1 Ultra Trem is For guitars that are fitted with vibrato with the traditional six screw system. This fully floating design will pull up and down and stay perfectly in tune the whole time! 

Go from smooth vintage vibrato, to pedal steel style tremolo all the way to EVH -esque dive bombs!

Finished in high quality stainless steel.

The VEGA TREM VT1 Ultra pack includes:

  • springs,
  • adaptors and screws for the fulcrum
  • 1.5 mm (1/16 “) and 2.5 mm (3/32”) allen keys.

Vega Trem comes with a Two year warranty!



The tremolo, reinvented

You wanted a floating bridge that did not force you to drill into or modify your beloved ST guitar, so we did it. You desired a vibrato bridge that did not stick out more than the original bridge, and here it is. You imagined total freedom of movement and a whammy bar that never caused bother and here it is. You fantasized about a tremolo free of unwanted noises and now that dream has come true. You wanted to get rid of the hassle of microtuners. You have it.
Welcome to the VT1 UltraTrem: the tremolo, reinvented.

Simple, no problem

If you have already mounted, adjusted or simply changed strings with any of the existing tremolos on the market and you are not a handyman or aspiring luthier, then you already know it isn’t such an easy task at all. So we have redesigned everything so that with a simple video and a screwdriver you can mount your VT1 UltraTrem in the blink of an eye. And if when you hear the word dismount you see the Antichrist, do not worry, your luthier or your trusted store will be happy: they will never have earned such easy money for doing something so simple.


If, by what you’ve read so far, you’re not convinced that changing to VT1 offers enough benefits? Well, there’s one more very important reason: the VT1 is, by its original design, the most compact tremolo on the market, therefore, it does not stick out from the body, as usually happens with other tremolos, and this means the whammy bar won’t in any way hinder your interpretation.


If you love the look of your guitar you will not be thrilled to have to replace the original bridge with a metal brick like the tremolos thus far available on the market. But that’s history. The VT1 UltraTrem fits almost in the same space as the original bridge, so your guitar will look as beautiful as ever and you will love the stainless steel top coating. Because although we may not confess it, we all care about our aesthetics and we all have a Rock Star soul.


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