VIC FIRTH Signature Carmine Appice -50 Year Recognition

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VIC FIRTH Signature Carmine Appice -50 Years

A tip like a 5A at one end and a large heavy tip at the butt end. Provides great back beat power. Exploding on to the music scene in the late 1960’s with Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice brought an immense energy to the drumming world. Together with Vanilla Fudge, he helped to shape the face of Psychedelic Rock for years to come. Artist collaborations have long been a point of pride for Vic Firth Company. Conceived with the utmost respect for artistry and musicality, sticks in the Vic Firth Signature Series celebrate the musicians –past and present –who shape the drumming world today.


  • Diam. - .595"
  • Length - 15 15/16"
  • Taper - Medium
  • Tip - Tear Drop
  • Finish - Heavy Lacquer

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