VICTORY Deputy 112 Cabinet

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VICTORY Deputy 112 Cabinet

The perfect compact, open-backed cabinet for the Deputy, with a G12M-65 Creamback so it's a little sweeter at lower volumes than the H-75 version.


A highly portable rig when paired with Deputy. Can also work with V40 Duchess and Sheriff 22 if you want less aggression and a more ‘vintage’ feel. Will also work with the The Sheriff 44 and V40 Deluxe.​


The G12M-65 Creamback is less sensitive/efficient (97dB) than the Vintage 30 and also the H-75 Creamback, using a medium-magnet (35 ounce) 12-inch driver. Celestion regard it as a ‘more powerful Greenback’ and that is the perfect description. Expect that classic, ‘woody’ tone and feel to add colour to your medium gain sounds, with a little speaker breakup to boot. Using two together in this cab increases the bottom end strength and power handling, with plenty of ‘3D’, room-filling projection from front and back. There is so much character in this cabinet for classic low/medium gain tones at any volume.

It works perfectly with the Deputy’s unique dynamic and feel.


  • POWER HANDLING: 65 Watts
  • IMPEDANCE: 16 Ohms
  • SPEAKERS: 1 x Celestion G12M-65 Creamback
  • SIZE: 480(w) x 480(h) x 292(d)
  • WEIGHT: 35.49lbs/16.1kg


Our speaker cabinets are hand built in England using redwood pine for top and sides and quality Baltic birch ply for backs and baffles. Our speaker baffles are angled back by 2-3 degrees to help with projection towards you when you’re playing. They’re finished in black bronco vinyl (cream for the V112C and V212VC) with vintage black woven grille cloth to match aesthetically – and of course tonally – with our heads.

Why choose anything less for your Victory amplifier?

Are you looking to buy a VICTORY Deputy 112 Cabinet? You’ll love Coleman's Music Guitar Shop in Melbourne and online, which offers fast delivery to your front door.

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