Chapman Guitars ML2

Chapman Guitars 2022 Range has landed at Colemans Music!

The Chapman Standard range is here! We’ve just landed our first of the 2022 range of Chapman Guitars! I know it’s almost 2023, but in times like these you have to forgive the production delays.

With the Pro Series (built In Korea) not far behind we’ve been blown away with the new models.  For those who weren’t a fan of some of the more experimental finishes of the previous range, you’ll be happy to see some more simple colour finishes.  For those who love the Red Sea and Abyss colour options, then get in store quick and grab yourself one of the last models we have.


The ML1 and ML3 Modern models both have satin finishes in black, green and red.  Now standard across the modern line, the Chapman Sonorous Zero humbuckers give you searing high gain tones with a coil split for cleaner tones.


Definitely my favourite release is the New ML1-X.  This model features the Chapman two-point tremolo, HSS Alnico 5 pickups with the modern Humbucker, Single, Single pickup setup making for a versatile guitar for whatever style of music you want to play, from rock to fusion, jazz to metal! The mahogany body features a glossed Ash top and comes in one of three new colours, Red, Blue and Green!

This year also sees the return of the ML2.  Somewhere between a Les Paul and a PRS, the stripped back mahogany body and satin ash top is paired with the Sonourous Zero pickups and a modern comfortable neck profile.  This one is for lovers of single cuts! Looking at Epiphones or ESP Guitars?  Try this Chapman and see how it stacks up!


Who are Chapman Guitars?

Started in 2009 Chapman have grown year on year to now having dealers throughout the world.  The line-up of guitars has gone through changes over the years, but now predominantly focuses on the ML1 and ML3 models which are based off traditional guitar shapes (strat and tele). Two series of guitars allow for different price points with the Standard Range coming from Indonesia and the Pro Series coming from Korea.


The Chapman Guitars range is now available in both our Melbourne CBD Store and our Lynbrook Store.  Want to try one out?  Drop in and take a look for yourself at this amazing brand of electric guitars that will only get bigger and better over the coming years!