Is the Taylor 314CE the best Acoustic Electric Guitar for the gigging Musician?

The TAYLOR 314ce Grand Auditorium stands out as an excellent choice for entry-level gigging musicians, offering a combination of features that make it a top-tier instrument for live performances. 

Firstly, its mid-size Grand Auditorium body shape, introduced in 1994, strikes a versatile balance between a Dreadnought and a Grand Concert. This design makes it suitable for a wide range of playing styles, catering to both flatpickers and fingerstylists. The Venetian cutaway further enhances playability, allowing easy access to higher frets, which is crucial for dynamic performances.


The timber combination of Sitka spruce and sapele contributes to a well-rounded and vibrant tone. Sapele, with its strong midrange response similar to mahogany, complements the brightness and clarity of the Sitka spruce top. The guitar's Elixir HD Light strings, custom calibrated for bold highs, full lows, and overall warmth, provide a rich and expressive tonal palette—a crucial aspect for musicians seeking versatility in their sound.

The inclusion of the ES2 Expression System pickup sets the TAYLOR 314ce apart. This cutting-edge pickup system ensures a high-quality and natural amplification of the guitar's sound. The behind-the-saddle pickup, with three individually calibrated sensors, captures the nuances of the instrument, delivering a faithful representation of its acoustic qualities in a live setting.

Additionally, the guitar's construction features black binding and small diamond fretboard inlays in Italian acrylic, adding an aesthetic touch to its overall appeal.

In summary, the TAYLOR 314ce Grand Auditorium emerges as one of the best entry-level Taylor US models for gigging musicians due to its versatile body shape, quality tonewoods, expressive tonal capabilities, and advanced pickup system. Its design and features make it well-suited for a variety of playing styles, ensuring that musicians can confidently take the stage with a reliable and high-performing instrument.