Nick Johnston & Schecter Guitars

BIG NEWS - We have just Landed some Schecter Nick Jonston's at our Melbourne CBD store....

Nick Johnston and Schecter Guitars have had an incrediblly succesfull partnership.  Nick Johnston is a Canadian guitarist known for his skillful playing, melodic compositions, and contributions to the instrumental rock genre. Schecter Guitars, on the other hand, is a well-established guitar manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-quality instruments. So this seems like a pretty good match on paper, Right? 

Nick Johnston's rise to prominence in the guitar world took place over the course of several years, and it's challenging to pinpoint an exact moment when he became famous. However, his increased recognition and popularity can be traced back to the mid-2010s.

Nick Johnston began gaining attention through his presence on YouTube, where he showcased his impressive guitar playing skills and shared musical content, including original compositions and covers. This online visibility, combined with his engaging style and virtuosity, helped him attract a growing audience of guitar enthusiasts.

By around 2014 and 2015, Johnston's name started to become more widely recognized in the guitar community. His studio albums, such as "Public Display of Infection" (2011) and "Atomic Mind" (2016), further solidified his reputation as a skilled guitarist and composer.

Nick Johnston collaborated with Schecter to create his signature guitar models, such as the Schecter Traditional and the Schecter USA Signature Nick Johnston Traditional. These guitars are designed to suit Nick's playing style and preferences, and they often feature elements like a comfortable neck profile, premium pickups, and versatile tonal options.

The partnership has been praised for delivering instruments that cater to the needs of both Nick Johnston fans and guitarists looking for well-crafted, versatile guitars. The combination of Nick's artistic input and Schecter's manufacturing expertise has resulted in instruments that are appreciated for their playability, tone, and aesthetics.

Overall, the collaboration between Nick Johnston and Schecter Guitars has been considered successful, providing guitar players with instruments that reflect Nick's musical style and meet the high standards associated with Schecter's craftsmanship.

Time to get some! See you instore soon.