The Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761 XB - In Depth

With The Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761 arriving at our Melbourne CBD store we thought we would have a detailed look at the Vai Masterpiece. 

The Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761 is a unique creation, born out of a collaboration with the legendary Steve Vai. It's a solidbody electric guitar that redefines sonic versatility and high-performance. The alder body, known for its contribution to countless contemporary musical masterpieces, provides a balanced tonal foundation. The 5-piece PIA neck, featuring Ibanez’s Prestige fret end treatment, offers lightning-fast playability, allowing for effortless execution of intricate runs and chords. The DiMarzio UtoPIA pickups further enhance the instrument's sonic prowess, delivering maximum impact and power across a wide tonal spectrum.

The PIA3761 is equipped with the Edge tremolo system, a feature that sets it apart. This system allows for precise control over pitch manipulation with reliable intonation, enhancing your playing experience. Other notable appointments include Steve Vai’s iconic Monkey Grip and the eye-catching PIA Blossom fingerboard inlay, adding both functionality and visual flair to the instrument.

The PIA3761’s 5-piece PIA neck is lauded as one of Ibanez’s fastest to date, offering unparalleled comfort and speed for players seeking exceptional performance. The addition of Ibanez's Prestige fret-end treatment ensures a smooth and fluid playing experience from top to bottom of the fretboard.

The PIA3761 is equipped with a trio of DiMarzio UtoPIA pickups, configured in an HSH layout. These pickups are a key feature, providing a vast tonal range suitable for any musical style or genre. From warm and rich tones in the neck position to vibrant and snarling leads from the bridge, the PIA3761 delivers unmatched versatility and tenacity in its sound, thanks to these high-quality pickups.

Completing the package is the Edge tremolo system, designed to deliver fast tremolo response and precise tuning stability. With the Lion's Claw tremolo cavity, players can execute radical pitch bends and flutters with unparalleled precision, making the PIA3761 a preferred choice among discerning guitarists seeking uncompromising performance.

So get into Colemans Music Melbourne to check out the Steve Via PIA for yourself. 

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