Top Travel Guitars

As you gear up for a road trip or prepare for a flight, saying goodbye to your cherished guitars can be tough. But fear not, for the Travel Guitar is here to save the day. Colemans Music in Melbourne CBD offers an impressive selection of Travel Size guitars, perfect for adventurers like you about to embark on another chapter of life's journey.

Some of the Worlds most trusted brands like Taylor, Alvarez and Cordoba have a great selection of Travel friendly guitars for every budget. 

Travel size guitars offer several advantages:

  1. Portability: They are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around while traveling. This makes them ideal for musicians who are frequently on the go or for those who want to practice or perform in various locations.

  2. Convenience: Travel guitars are typically easier to handle and transport compared to full-size guitars. They can easily fit into overhead compartments on airplanes, car trunks, or even backpacks, allowing for hassle-free transportation.

  3. Durability: Many travel guitars are built to withstand the rigors of travel. They are often made with sturdy materials and construction techniques that can handle changes in temperature and humidity, as well as the bumps and knocks that can occur during transportation. 

  4. Versatility: Despite their smaller size, many travel guitars offer surprisingly good sound quality and playability. They can be used for practicing, recording, or even performing in intimate settings. Some models also come with built-in electronics, allowing them to be plugged into amplifiers or recording equipment. 

  5. Affordability: Travel guitars are often more affordable than full-size guitars, making them a cost-effective option for beginners or musicians on a budget. They provide a way to enjoy playing music without investing in a more expensive instrument.

  6. Learning tool: Travel guitars can be a great learning tool for beginners, as they are often more comfortable to play for those with smaller hands or for children who may find full-size guitars too bulky. They can also be a good option for practicing fingerpicking or other techniques on the go.

Examples of Travel Guitar Models

Say hello to the Mini II MH —Despite its small profile, the Mini II has a deeper body depth which creates a well-rounded tone that is close to a full-size nylon string guitar. Built with all-Mahogany woods, the Mini II MH's unique voice is mellow, soft and balanced. 


CORDOBA Mini II Mahogany Cutaway AC/EL
Córdoba’s most popular travel-size guitar now equipped with a cutaway and preamp! The Mini II MH-CE’s 580mm (22 7/8”) scale length tunes perfectly to Standard E making it a breeze to strum along to all your favorite songs. Its small profile makes it easy to travel with all the while maintaining a well-rounded tone. 

ALVAREZ LJ2E Little Jumbo Acoustic- Electric
Whether you’re ready to travel, hit the beach or laze around the house, small-body acoustic guitars can be the perfect companion, which is one reason demand never seems to slow. With a few tweaks and careful design, small body guitars can sound fantastic and much louder and more balanced than you might think.

 Taylor GS Mini Mahogany
The all mahogany instrument has a rich full sound thanks to its solid mahogany top and arched back. The compact size of the GS Mini makes it great whether you are in need of a travel size instrument or whether you need a smaller size instrument for the stage or studio!

Overall, travel size guitars offer a convenient and practical solution for musicians who want to enjoy playing music wherever they go. Whether you're traveling the world or just heading to a friend's house, a travel guitar can be a versatile companion for any musician.

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