BOSS SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay EVH Edition

The BOSS SDE-3000EVH is now available at our Colemans Music CBD store.

Eddie Van Halen was renowned not only for his virtuosic guitar playing but also for his innovative use of effects to shape his iconic sound. The Roland SDE-3000, a digital delay unit, played a significant role in Eddie's sonic arsenal.

Van Halen famously used the Roland SDE-3000 to create his signature delay-drenched guitar tones. This unit allowed him to achieve those lush, atmospheric delay effects that became a hallmark of his playing style. With its versatile controls and high-quality sound, the SDE-3000 provided Eddie with the tools to craft the distinctive sounds that helped define the sound of Van Halen.

One of the most notable aspects of Eddie's use of the SDE-3000 was his ability to push its capabilities to the limit, often using unconventional settings to achieve unique sounds. He experimented with different delay times, feedback levels, and modulation settings to create textures and atmospheres that set him apart from other guitarists of his time.

Cut to 2024 and EVH and BOSS join forces to bring you the SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay, an authentic recreation of the stereo delays at the heart of Eddie Van Halen’s massive three-cabinet live stage guitar sound. Based on the vintage Roland SDE-3000 rackmount delay, this powerhouse processor puts two fully featured SDE-3000s in one floor-based pedal, coupled with extensive connectivity to build a wet/dry/wet rig just like Eddie’s. You also get eight presets curated by EVH with the exact settings from his actual delay units, allowing you to experience the master’s expansive spatial delay tone in your own setup.


  • Special edition dual delay pedal jointly developed by EVH and BOSS
  • Based on the legendary Roland SDE-3000 rackmount digital delay from the 1980s
  • Eight EVH presets with the exact settings from the two SDE-3000 delays in Eddie Van Halen’s live rig (the EVH presets are locked internally but allow for output level adjustments)
  • Versatile connectivity for creating an EVH wet/dry/wet rig and integrating with various mono and stereo setups
  • Classic appearance with the signature EVH logo and stripes
  • Warm vintage digital delay sound with extended features for modern rigs
  • Distinctive retro display and panel controls based on the original SDE-3000
  • Includes two full-featured delays, each with independent parameters, mono/stereo modulation, and panning
  • Widely adjustable delay time with two range settings: 0–1500 ms and 0–3000 ms
  • Characterful modulation inspired by the original circuit design
  • Phase switches for the primary delay and delay feedback loop
  • Adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters for shaping delay feedback sounds
  • Send/return functionality for patching in an effect pedal or using the four-cable method
  • Selectable impedance on the effect return for optimizing tone with different amplifiers
  • Selectable series or parallel operation for the two delays
  • Save and recall sounds with 92 user memories
  • Adjustable noise suppressor
  • Assignable onboard footswitch control for tap tempo, hold, and more
  • Jacks for extended operation with up to four footswitches, two expression pedals, or the GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller
  • MIDI I/O on space-saving mini TRS jacks
  • Includes three ground-lift cables for eliminating hum with multi-amplifier setups